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    How To Personalise Your LinkedIn Invitations To Connect

    The new version of LinkedIn for 2017 has brought a whole raft of changes to the way that we use the platform to connect. The most notable of these is that it is possible to personalise your connection requests - even if the prospect is a complete stranger to you.

    How To Remove Birthday From LinkedIn Profile - 2017 Update

    The new updated LinkedIn layout is slowly rolling out across the UK and users should be aware that they may now be displaying their birthday on their profile - even though you had previously selected to show it only to yourself.

    Of course, the new layout means that my previous blog post on the subject is now obsolete. So here's how to remove birthday from LinkedIn profile in 2017. 

    Facebook Slams Business Pages Asking For Likes, Comments and Shares

    On 31 January 2017, Facebook announced that they have updated their algorithm to combat businesses that game the feed with their Pages asking for likes, comments and shares.

    How Facebook identifies authentic content

    The latest algorithm update incorporates new signals to better identify and rank authentic content and predict and rank in real time when posts might be more relevant to their readers.

    How Can You Like Facebook Posts As Yourself Or As Your Business Page?

    I've been asked about this quite a few times recently. It used to be called Attribution and could be controlled in the Admin panel but that was a bit clunky.

    Facebook have brought the function out into the open and made it much simpler.

    How can you like Facebook Posts as yourself or as your Business Page?

    Facebook Reviews - How Can Customers Edit Them

    "Hi Jo, One of my clients tried to do a review on my Facebook Business Page but it is only showing with one star when she wanted to put 5! Any ideas on how to fix this? "

    Question from Isa at My Balanced Health

    It is possible to edit any Facebook Reviews that you have left as a customer and the steps are the same for desktop, mobile and tablet users.


    How to edit any Facebook Reviews that you have made

    Autopost RSS from Blog to Facebook with IFTTT

    Since May 1, 2015, RSS Grafitti is no more.

    If you are looking to auto post from your blog to Facebook, the RSS Feed to Facebook applet on IFTTT seems to do the trick.

    It's simple enough to set up. You have to create a free account first.

    Once you have verified your account, you can then set up the Applet.

    Fake Facebook Profiles - Help! Someone is pretending to be me!

    Earlier this week I got a notification from Facebook saying that someone had created a profile with my picture! As you can imagine, I was equal parts confused and fuming. There was a stranger pretending to be me - how did they get my picture and what are they doing online with my identity?!

    How LinkedIn Endorsements Can Damage Your Reputation

    Endorsements are the social proof that validates and advertises your skills to the rest of the world on LinkedIn. 

    For the most part they're great, but problems arise when I receive endorsements from people I don't know.

    To tell the truth, every time I receive an endorsement (whether it's from someone I know or not) I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside because this person is telling the world of LinkedIn that I'm great at what I do. It's an unspoken testimonial, if you will. 

    But, when that endorsement is from somebody I don't know, do I have to reciprocate?  What if I don't know them very well and I can't commend the skills on their profile?

    The fact is, many people on LinkedIn endorse me for skills or services they have never had from me, in the hope I will endorse them in return and boost their credibility.

    But what's credible about a 'fake' endorsement?

    Twitter For Security Installers - Is It A Waste Of Time?

     We've worked with many domestic and commerical security companies across the UK and, at first,  nearly all of them asked "but do I really need to invest my time and money into social media? Are any of my potential customers even online, anyway?

    How Can I Hide Some LinkedIn Endorsements But Not The Rest?

    This question about how to hide some LinkedIn endorsements but not others has come up a couple of times in my LinkedIn training consultations.  But why would you want to do that? It sounds pretty mean!  

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