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    Can I have 2 Accounts On LinkedIn Using Different Email Addresses If I Do 2 Different Jobs?

    [fa icon="clock-o"] September 4, 2013 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] LinkedIn

    I was asked recently: "Can I have 2 Accounts On LinkedIn Using Different Email Addresses If I Do 2 Different Jobs?"

    LinkedIn's rules on setting up an account are actually very hard to find. Eventually, I found the relevant section 2(C) entitled User Obligations in their User Agreement

    It says:

    (4) will only maintain one LinkedIn account at any given time;

    Why can you only have one account on LinkedIn?

    The reason for this is that if you allow people to have more than one profile, you are leaving the way open to fakers. They set up lots of different accounts. Then they connect with people who are not fussy about connections and will accept every invitation whether they know the person concerned or not. They look like well-connected and respected LinkedIn users. They find ways to scam LinkedIn and its members.

    LinkedIn are pushing into the jobs market. They want employers to be able to get references from other users and past colleagues. They have made it possible to reach out to people who are connected with a particular person and ask for their experience of working with that person. If there are fake profiles or people connected to people that they don't actually know...? Well, you can see the flaw in this - from LinkedIn's point of view.

    LinkedIn Profile rulesThere are other Dos and Don'ts listed further down the page in Section 10/

    What to do if you already have two LinkedIn accounts with different email addresses

    Some members will discover that they have set up duplicate accounts by mistake. They forgot they had created one previously and are now using a second one with a different email address.

    They search for themselves on LinkedIn and see two listings bearing their name. The photograph is usually the give away. But sometimes it can be that they set it up when they were working for one company and now they have a new job. Two accounts in this instance causes all sorts of confusion for other LinkedIn members. They are not sure which account they should connect with.

    To comply with LinkedIn's guidelines, you should choose which one you want to continue using. You can then close the unwanted account or ask LinkedIn if they will merge the two accounts together.

    But I've got two different jobs - Shouldn't I have an account for each to keep them separate?

    Is there a particular reason why you need to keep the two jobs separate? If not, you would be far better off adding both positions to your Current Work Experience. Then people who know you and trust you from one job can see that you have another business too.

    You can have two jobs running as your current profession at the same time. They will be listed one under the other and you can decide which one you want to have showing at the top of your page.

    You can then link to each different company page from the relevant position listing.

    If one is a new business that is being run as a sideline to a regular job, then you will need to create a LinkedIn Company page. Remember that you must have added an email to your account which includes the website address of this new business. You@NameOfBusiness.com

    Don't want your current employer to know that you are running another business separately?

    Then I would say don't put it on the internet with a reference to your personal identity at all. LinkedIn is not the place for you.

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    Jo Shaer

    Written by Jo Shaer

    If you want to grow your business by getting new customers, entering new global markets or increasing your reach on social media, you need to talk to Jo Shaer. She is a real person who cares passionately about the success of your business. Someone you can trust to do the right thing, not the easy thing. From small beginnings as a part time lollipop lady designing websites in her back bedroom, she has grown Lollipop to a limited company with its own office and 4 staff. And she did it using all the techniques that she employs successfully for her clients every day.

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