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    Change Capitals to Lower Case - Help! My Letters Are All In Capitals In Photoshop

    [fa icon="clock-o"] August 24, 2013 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] women in business, Women and Small Business

    capital letters to lower case in photoshop capital letters to lower case in photoshop
    My client was trying to prepare some slides in Photoshop but the lettering was all in capital letters. Yes, there were big capital letters at the start of a sentence but the smaller symbols that formed the rest of the words were still in capitals.

    She called me up to ask me, how do I change capitals to lower case in Photoshop?

    I searched several different forums as a result of my Google search for 'change capitals to lower case' but none of them really seemed to answer the question.

    The most helpful was on the Adobe help centre itself. But it was still written in Geek. This meant it took some time to get my head around what it was trying to say.

    So here's my idiots guide to the process!

    Check to see that it was not the font itself that was the problem. Some fonts don't actually have lower case symbols. They are all in a capital form.

    And then check the formatting on the character pallette. The way it was explained in the articles and videos that I read was very confusing. They were helping me to solve the problem where the writing was all in the same size of capital letters. CAPITAL LETTERS TO lower case.

    But my issue was rather different. As you can see from the image top left.

    capitals to lower case - character pallette capitals to lower case - character pallette

    Access the character pallette and change Capitals to Lower case

    Eventually, I worked out that it was the symbol with the big T and little T that was her issue. She needed to switch that off.

    To access the character pallette. Go to the top of Photoshop and you will see the Windows tab. Press that and then make sure that the option Character is checked. The character pallette will then appear to the right of your screen.

    Check the line that has T and other ways of writing T in it. Make sure that only the T is highlighted. To stop the other symbols from affecting what you are doing, check them to unhighlight. If you want to use them, check them to highlight them.

    Jo Shaer

    Written by Jo Shaer

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