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    Google: Change Primary YouTube Email

    [fa icon="clock-o"] December 14, 2011 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] Google, change youtube email, YouTube

    change youtube emailA new client and a YouTube account with lots of lovely content all ready to be optimised but I either needed to change the youtube email or the primary Google Account email/user name. Their previous advisors had set it up using an email address/username which had the domain of their previous advisors at the end of the email address!


    A trick to ensure that it makes it harder for the client to move on? Or a way of making life easier for the advisor by keeping everything in one place, particularly with some of the more complex instructions surrounding setting up a Google account.

    But, whatever the original reasoning behind the decision, it is not a good idea to continue to add content to a platform that you don't actually own. If the previous advisor decided to delete the email account, then you're in big trouble because you can't access your own YouTube account.

    I knew that we were going to be needing a Google Plus Business Page in the future so setting up a gmail account to run the YouTube channel was the best solution as it would keep everything under one log in.

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    Change YouTube Email

    I got this help page when I googled change YouTube email which then forwarded me to this one on how to change your google primary email

    Top of the page was the advice that you cannot change the account's gmail user name if you are already using the gmail facility but you can create another Google account.

    However, if you don't use gmail with your Google Account, you can change your account username to another email address at any time. Your username is the full email address you used to create your account.

    That sounded simple enough. Because the existing username wasn't a gmail account, the first problem did not apply. So I duly set up a new gmail account in the client's name and visited the Google Accounts home page.

    I signed in to the existing account and clicked change email under the Security section.

    I added in the new gmail account and the old account password.

    Sadly, the error message told me "Sorry, a Gmail address is not allowed to be the primary address on this account"

    Hmmm, back to the notes.

    Google - Change Primary Email

    You can't change the email address on your account to an existing Gmail address, but we invite you to add a new Gmail address to your Google Account.
    You can't change the email address on your account to an email address that's already associated with a Google Account.
    If you want to make your alternate email address the new primary address, you'll first need to delete your alternate email address from the account.
    The account username that you choose needs to be an active, valid email address that you can access.

    Perhaps I needed to add a new gmail address to my Google account so that I could then make the alternate address the primary address? So I clicked the link and hoped that I was about to find out from Google how to change the primary email on this account.

    At the top of the page it said, If you add gmail to your Google account, your account's primary username will permanently change to and the original email address will become your alternate email address.

    Ok, that sounds like what I want to do.

    So I went to

    Welcome to gmail
    You're currently signed in to your *** Google Account
    if you complete this form, you'll be adding Gmail to this account and your Gmail address will become your primary account username.

    If you would prefer, you can create a separate Google Account for gmail and you'll be logged out of this account so that you can create your new account.

    Confusion - you told me earlier that if I had gmail on the account I wouldn't be able to change user names!

    But I think the first option is what I want to do. So I set up ANOTHER gmail account for my client as part of the process with a recovery email that belongs to them.

    Then I had to get the client's mobile so that the account could be verified by a texted verification code.

    After a couple of wobbly moments because the client was not immediately available to send me the PIN number and Google decided we'd taken too long so made me start all over again - fortunately, I didn't lose the gmail name that I had previously chosen but could just autofill the previous info - the process was completed.

    The new gmail account automatically took precedence over the existing username to become the primary email address.

    I used it to log into YouTube and there was the account with all the videos present and correct.

    So, there you have it, how to set up gmail so that you can change your youtube email and your Google Account primary email to one that you control.

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    Alternatively, why not find out more about using YouTube - there is an especially useful article about blocking ads on your YouTube account.

    Jo Shaer

    Written by Jo Shaer

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