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    [fa icon="clock-o"] March 7, 2013 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer [fa icon="folder-open'] Mobile Marketing, Mobile Phones, Mobile Text Message Spam

    mobile-text-message-spamFurther to our post on Mobile Text Marketing, I found this infographic about text message spam.

    Personal Text Marketing Spam

    It was quite timely since I have received three messages in 24 hours from different mobile numbers offering to manage my debt or get me a cheap loan. I don't recall signing up or opting in for any such reminders so I would definitely view these as text marketing spam.

    And there's my problem. I was under the impression that mobile marketing was about giving consent but, according to this article from Social Media Examiner about mobile marketing opt-ins, the very fact that you have filled in your mobile phone number on a form where a point of contact is solicited, this is considered permission for that brand to send you voice or text messages.

    Apparently, there is a Mobile Marketing Association to monitor how technology should manage opt ins.

    If you text a keyword to a shortcode - five digit telephone number - or enter your phone number into a web form, this consitutes a legitimate opt in as long as consumers receive a compliant confirmation message in real time.

    However ring tones and other chargeable premium services are subject to a double opt in, which means that there is a confirmation message which needs to be acknowledged.

    Why These Text Marketing Messages Are Spam

    But going back to the offers to solve my debt solution, the fact is that I don't have any debt and so I certainly did not enter my phone number on a website relating thereto.

    I can only assume that someone is already selling on databases of mobile phone numbers.

    I have sent the word STOP back to two of the three companies - two had numbers that looked fairly similar and similarly styled content so I suspect they may have come from the same source. The third contained a website address so if I receive any further communications, I shall be contacting them via that about their text marketing spam and the compliance rules.

    Jo Shaer

    Written by Jo Shaer

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