30 Minutes to DOUBLE, TRIPLE or 5x Your Leads!*

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Lollipop have been generating leads for Fire & Security companies like yours for the last ten years. It's fair to say, we talk to loads of Fire & Security companies. And, the one thing EVERYONE seems to struggle with is generating enough quality leads from their website to drive revenue in a meaningful way.

Well, you are in luck!

If you're quick...

For a limited time, Lollipop are offering Fire & Security companies a leg-up. We've developed a rapid phone consultation to show you how to make the internet work for the Fire & Security industry.

It's called the Fast Track Open Line. There are only 4 time slots available, once a month, on Thursday from 11am to 1pm. Slots are assigned on a first come, first served basis. Hurry or miss out!

These 30 minute consultations usually cost £100 but on Open Line days only, they are FREE!!
The Fast Track Open Line is run by Lollipop’s MD, Jo Shaer. Since 2010 she has helped countless Fire & Security businesses succeed on the internet. And after the call you will be clear on the single most important thing you need to do right now. So you can generate enough of the right type of leads to drive revenue in a meaningful way.
Expert Advice ONLY - No Sales Pitch!
Too good to be true, right?
Please be assured that this is not a thinly disguised sales pitch. Your Fast Track Open Line consultation will provide the best marketing intelligence from the  UK's most successful Fire & Security specialist Lead Generation Agency.

The Fast Track Open Line Promise

The call will take exactly 30 mins and to ensure YOU leave the call with 100% clarity, we’ll be moving quickly.

You will be asked a very specific set of questions to ensure you end the call KNOWING the exact steps you should be taking to DOUBLE, TRIPLE or 5X YOUR leads!*

Discover the proven process that we used to 'TENFOLD' leads for this Fire & Security company.

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By the end of your 30 minute session, you will know exactly how to get more enquiries AND secure more site surveys.

Sounds fantastic, eh?

Act Fast! Or Miss Out..!

We only offer 4 of these calls each month - use the calendar to book yours.

Remember, there's NO RISK, NO OBLIGATION and NO CREDIT CARD required.


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Use the calendar to book your  strategy session in three clicks:

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*To ensure you get these results you must implement the advice you are given. You must implement it exactly as suggested. And keep implementing over a number of months. This advice works and is proven to do so time after time BUT there is no magic bullet!