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The Manufacturing Growth Programme

The Manufacturing Growth Programme Grant scheme has been live since the end of 2016 and provides free advice and support to established SME manufacturers who want to grow by increasing turnover or jobs and/or introduce new products/services/processes.

Important Update To Remarketing With Google Analytics

Following on from our recent blog post on the subject of Remarketing and Privacy Policies, Google Analytics users will have received an email from them this morning announcing:

To Attract Your Ideal Customers You Need To Stop Selling...?

To attract your ideal customers and to help them to find you online, you need to stop selling! 

Controversial, perhaps, but here's why:

Stalked By Red Boots - Remarketing Smallprint For Businesses


It happens to me a lot! I see a fabulous pair of boots on an online ecommerce site and put them into the shopping basket. Then I look at the price and ask myself whether they will complement any of the outfits that I regularly wear to my networking meetings! Will I actually wear them? I leave the boots in the basket and press the X to escape temptation!
Suddenly, as I move around the internet, the boots are popping up everywhere - on Facebook, YouTube, other websites, even in my gmail.  It’s like being stalked!

Lollipop Approved By Trading Standards

A few weeks ago, Lollipop were officially approved by Trading Standards! 

Becoming a "Buy With Confidence" scheme member means that our company has been listed on their website as a trusted trader.  

Why Customer Service and CRM Software Make A Great Double Act

Imagine you get a call from an angry customer explaining that the product you sold them has malfunctioned in some way. You send an employee to fix it or ask them to return the product for a replacement. Sorted.

But what happens if the same customer rings back with the same problem?

It might not happen often but, if it does, that customer is  going to be understandably frustrated.

And when they realise the call handler has no recollection of the previous incident because either they are a different employee or they have dealt with hundreds of enquiries since then, the caller gets even more annoyed.

It doesn't look good.

Even though it stands for customer relationship management, many businesses don't often use the words customer service and CRM in the same sentence...

Lollipop's Approach To Inbound Marketing In 4 Simple Steps!

A few weeks ago I filled in for my manager while he was on holiday and attended a BNI Southend networking event

I chose to do my one minute pitch on our Inbound Marketing service - but not in the traditional sense. When I talk about attracting visitors, converting leads and closing customers, I'm often left with blank faces and confused expressions...

So instead, I explained it in a way that is more relatable and human friendly; The Lollipop way.

Top 10 Most Annoying Sales Calls

I have been on the receiving end of far too many sales calls that left me wanting to put the phone down fast, and I'm definitely not alone! This new survey from the American Management Association asked 1,100 buyers about the sales tactics and behaviours they found the most irritating. Here’s what they said, starting with their top answer:

How To Connect On LinkedIn With Your Ideal Prospects

Once you’ve defined the companies who fit your Ideal Buyer Profile and the Buyer Personas who work for those companies, you need to work out how you’re going to connect with them.

You can have hundreds of ideal prospects listed on the best free CRM for small businesses but, if none of them know who you are or how you can help them, it's a waste of time.

The State of Inbound noted that 42% of salespeople they surveyed said that prospecting is the most difficult part of the sales process – but in many cases that’s probably because they are doing it all wrong.

How To Replace LinkedIn Tags with Hubspot CRM Properties

The Hubspot CRM is a great replacement for all the free users of LinkedIn who are missing the Notes & Tags options.

Here's how to set up properties on your Hubspot CRM to replace LinkedIn tags without having to fork out for a premium account.

Just go to Settings in the black navigation bar, find edit your contact properties or add new properties and then select Manage. 

Next, click the blue Create a new property button and you will see this pop up. These properties will then appear on your Contact cards as a field for you to complete and which you can use to filter your contacts as you require.

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