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Inbound Marketing Blog

Grow Your Law Firm By Sharing On LinkedIn

My fabulous sales coach, Rick Roberge,  and I were talking about the power of LinkedIn to grow businesses and he reminded me about why it is so powerful to share posts with your connections... and their connections!

This simple strategy became incredibly relevant for firms of solicitors and barristers when applied to the events of my own week!

Where To Get GDPR Help for Southend Businesses

GDPR - it's just four letters. But they are guaranteed to put fear into the belly of any business owner - because, as the owner or MD, we are the ones who are personally liable if we don't comply with the new rules.

How To Calculate Your Customers' Lifetime Value

Before we talk about the how, we should probably ask why should your Customers' Lifetime Value (LTV) matters to you or  your sales team? 

It is one of those 'big picture' metrics that keeps your Finance Director up at night but can often be forgotten by Sales. If your sales team is focused solely on hitting their current quotas, they're probably not looking at LTV and could be missing out on critical future opportunities.

The LTV is the estimated revenue that one of those sales will bring to your balance sheet during the entire span of their relationship with your company.

Spreadsheet Horrors OR Savvy Lead Management For Security Companies

Have you ever used a spreadsheet to store your customer and lead data?

Unfortunately, this is lead management at its worst. These customer and lead spreadsheets can become huge and unwieldy very quickly. An intimidating burden, difficult to maintain and rarely looked at. 

While your business coach told you it was a good idea to keep track of your customers and leads, the spreadsheet as we know it is not fit for purpose.

The answer, of course, is a modern CRM built to make the life of a sales person easier and more productive. We feel your pain because we've also struggled with spreadsheets in a previous life... 

The lead management Spreadsheet Horror Show...

Factory Friday: Encapsulation With Thames Loose Leaf, Essex


Award-Winning Digital Marketing in Southend

The Lollies had a great Double Whammy this week!

Why Facebook Ads Won't Be Disappearing From Your News Feed

As I said in my blog post earlier this week, I think the latest changes to the Facebook algorithm are unlikely to result in sponsored ads disappearing from your news feed.

Is Facebook Removing Business Posts From Personal News Feeds?

A new client asked us to quote for at least 4 Facebook updates per day as part of their social media management. He said: "The reason our current campaigns are not working is because there aren't enough daily updates."

We know that Facebook only shows organic updates from businesses to about 3% of the people who have liked their page... they want them to pay to play. This means businesses are tempted to publish more to get a better chance of getting shown.

However, scrolling through my own news feed on that weekday evening revealed NO posts from businesses other than those that had been liked, commented on or shared by my friends and, of course, sponsored ads.

Sadly, the very next day revealed why future organic campaigns may cease to be worthwhile - and it was nothing to do with quantity.

Facebook announced changes to the way that business posts would be displayed in the newsfeeds of individuals.

Google Map Listing Not Showing Up? Security Companies Hit By Hawk

The business owner was almost in tears during our phone call.

We have always been at #1 on Google maps but my listing has just disappeared! We have been replaced by the new business that opened up next door. They're not as good as us! They only have one review and it gives them just one star!

This was one of the big problems of 2017... but it's not gone away!

Top Tips For An Enduring Family Run Business

Recently I discovered the Institute for Family Business and their blog. One of the first articles that caught my eye was about Britain's top 10 private family businesses. The list is headed by John Swire & Sons with family sales of £7.96bn in 2017 - which is a pretty tidy sum.

That made me think about what makes a successful and enduring family business.