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The Most Dangerous Conversation In Your Fire & Security Office

You've been marketing your Fire & Security business website for a few months now. Suddenly one of your admin staff pipes up.

I don’t think we need to carry on doing marketing,” 

Why’s that?

Well most of the leads come from existing customers

Now, this comes from the person who deals with your enquiries before passing them to sales. You should take notice, right?


This is one of the most dangerous conversations that can ever happen in the back office of your Fire & Security business.

You're teetering on the edge of a precipice! That unskilled, ill-informed 'back of an envelope' analysis is well-intended. Heed it at your peril... It will harm your business...

S/he is about to poop all over your sales!

How To Convert Fire & Security Leads Into Sales

How many people who visit your website give you their contact information and become a lead? And, more importantly, how many of those leads actually become customers who give you their money?

For the Fire & Security directors we speak to, those statistics are the most frustrating thing about your website - whether you’re a local company or the largest of the national brands.

The vast majority of traffic that comes to your site does one thing.

It leaves, never to return!

So, what percentage of people who make it to your website become a lead and then a customer?

1 out of 1000? 1 out of 10,000?

Honesty Counts – How Fire & Security Companies Blow It But Don’t Know It!

Honest and trustworthy. That’s how the Fire & Security companies we speak to describe themselves. When a customer is putting the safety and security of their family, staff and clients in your hands, it’s critical!

How do your clients know? You have the NSI Gold and SSAIB accreditations to back it up, that’s how.

But what if we told you, this hard-earned reputation is being risked by large numbers of companies because they chose the wrong Fire &  Security Systems Marketer?

Honesty is critical to your business. So why put your reputation on the line because of one easily avoidable mistake?

That is what we saw on a Fire & Security website last week. Is your business a victim too?

Avoid Disaster - How Not To Choose Your Fire & Security Systems Marketer

Hands up if it makes you hopping mad when scumbag Fire & Security installers rip off customers with poor quality workmanship!

Hypocrisy In The Fire & Security Industry...

It’s become a bit of a ritual.

Every day on LinkedIn I look out for the latest Fire & Security cheap option pictures.

You know the ones. Wiring hanging out of alarm control panels. Fire extinguishers as door stops. Rusty Fire extinguishers. CCTV cameras sited in stupid places. Fire doors blocked by dart boards.

My news feed cup runneth over - it's clear that going DIY or cheap makes you all very cross!

Commercial and Home Security Systems Marketing - Success in 3 Simple Phases

Hellooo! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably asked Google for help with your marketing. Specifically, help with home security marketing or security systems marketing in general. The good news is she’s sent you to the right place!

Alternatively you might have clicked a link on social media or one of the ads that we have been running trying to FIND YOU! 


If you’re like most of the Fire & Security people we talk to, you’re unhappy with the miserable marketing results you’re getting from your website. It does nothing for you.

You’re desperate to understand how to market your security systems business effectively.

You want results…

You want hot enquiries not hot air!

Want to speak to a human?  Book a call with an expert.

Just want to research? Read on...

Top 5 LinkedIn Tips For Fire & Security Directors

Have you ever said: "LinkedIn doesn't work for our industry!"?

We have run many 1-2-1 training consultations for Company Directors on LinkedIn. Attendees leave with sure-fire training on how to get the best from LinkedIn for their industry.

And here are our top 5 tips for the Fire & Security market:


1. Complete Your LinkedIn Headline

Your Headline is the most important part of your LinkedIn profile.

It's the first thing that anyone sees about you in Google if they search for your name. And your headline is something that is easy to control so make it count!

Most of the profiles that we see say Fire Engineer or Security Director or Owner. And then the name of the Business.  That's a waste of some of your 150 characters.

Talk about your specialist areas. Fire & Security is a crowded marketplace so just adding words like Fire or Security isn't going to make you stand out enough for LinkedIn to display your profile for searches around those keywords.

Think about the areas where you have had the most impact and mention those in your headline. Is that for the domestic market with home automation? Do your best skills lie with fire protection or access control in the commercial sector?

What problem can you solve for people? What are the benefits of working with you and your company?

Help LinkedIn and Google to understand what you do and who you can help. Then they can rank your profile in a search for that keyword on their platform.


2. Stop Competitors From Seeing Your Customers

Are One-Eyed Trainers Sabotaging Your Fire & Security Marketing...?

OK, this may sound a bit like sour grapes, but I'm going to say it anyway.

6 Scintillating SEO Tips for Security Companies - How To Get Traffic To Your Website

In an extremely crowded market place, Fire & Security Systems Installers are starting to understand that it takes more than just word of mouth, bell boxes and vans to keep the enquiries rolling in.

It's no longer enough to have a pretty online brochure with some snaps of your bell box and your van. You now need a website that attracts warm leads who are ready to book a site survey. Plus articles that educate and inform visitors researching alarm and CCTV systems.

But how can you get your website in front of those people who are searching for the best way to protect their domestic or commercial properties?

Increase Website Traffic For Fire & Security - Apple Maps

Looking for a way to increase website traffic to your Fire & Security website?