2 radical reasons why you don’t need a new Fire and Security website


The Lollies talk to a lot of Fire and Security company owners who are stuck!

Your business is not growing and you come to us with sad tales of website traffic that doesn’t produce the quality enquiries or the sales of alarm systems that you need.

Usually, you’re asking for a quote to build a new website, convinced that this is the answer…

I’m sorry to disappoint but.. simply building a new website will not guarantee that you become unstuck.

With that in mind, the questions we always ask first are:

  • Why do you think you need a new website?
  • What do you think is the matter with the one that you have?
  • What do you want visitors to do when they arrive on your site?
  • Why do you think your website visitors are not doing that?

Which kind of stops you in your tracks.

You’re used to smarmy agency guys and web developers who will grab your money, whip up a new design… and then disappear into the sunset when the new site performs no better than the old one.

But these questions are different and it takes you out of your comfort zone.

Some MDs will try to drag us back to the topic of a new website but – unless your website is several years old or not mobile friendly/responsive – we stay firm.

Why you don’t need a new website

Wouldn’t it be better to understand why your current website isn’t working before wasting your money by repeating the same mistakes on a new one?

These are the answers we are seeking when you employ us to do some initial investigation.

In many cases, Google Analytics shows that your existing website is attracting some traffic but only a few visitors are completing the form on the contact page.

We look at what your traffic is actually doing? We analyse the on site behaviour of your visitors and identify missing information or areas of friction that are stopping them from making an enquiry.

Here’s a couple of examples of the two main ways that we help existing sites to perform better rather than charging businesses for a new site that still doesn’t work.

Increase your traffic to lead conversion rate

don't-make-assumptions-investigate.jpgA Fire and Security business owner came to us with two sites. Different companies in different locations but offering the same services. He wanted to know why visitors on one site were completing his contact form but it wasn’t happening on his other site.

The sites were almost identical in their layout and the topics covered. But, when we looked more closely, we noticed that the difference was in the copy. One site listed the features in a series of bullet points while the other used longer copy to explain the benefits.

In this instance, rushing into a website redesign would have been pointless.  Changing the copy on the struggling website to focus on the benefits resulted in an increase in the traffic to lead conversion rate.  

Lesson learnt – don’t make assumptions, make investigations!

Increase your lead to customer close rate

Another Fire and Security customer came to us with a site that was generating leads but they were not seeing the same increase in sales of alarm systems.

Frustrating and annoying, but what do you do? Well, the client was leaning towards a complete redesign… supported by his web designer, who was already counting the money. Instead, we took a closer look.

We installed a CRM which automatically added leads from the website and phone calls from ads. We called the company every week to go through the leads on the CRM and find out what had happened.

It became clear that there was often a delay in contacting the leads to book them for a site survey. Maybe the people who handled website enquiries about alarm installs were busy on other things. So they waited until the afternoon to call the lead back.

Stats from SuperOffice reveal that the average response time to enquiries is 12 hours!!

Stats from Grant Cardone Sales Training University revealed that the likelihood of conversion increases by a wopping 9.1x if a lead is responded to within 5 minutes!

Worse still, if these sales people got no response, they might leave a voicemail and follow up their call with an email. But that was it. This lead was abandoned forever.

There was no thought that the lead might be at work and unable to take calls during working hours. No attempt to call before 8.30 or after 5.30.

Instead of spending £000s on a new website, our client was able to invest a few hundred in the CRM and some sales training for his team. This has led to an increase in the lead to customer conversion rate and an improvement in revenue.

Lesson learnt – don’t make assumptions, make investigations!

That’s not to say an expensive new website definitely won’t help – a modern design with better navigation and ways to engage visitors is a good thing. However, without thoroughly investigating the problem, the same mistakes may just carry over.

Far too often, we see Fire and Security companies paying out for a ‘brand refresh’ and some new stock images.

Sure, the website looks a bit more modern. But it’s still not producing more leads or more customers. And if it’s not a secure website, it will only make matters worse.

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