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3 Reasons Why Your Website Won't Work Straight 'Out Of The Box'

by Jo Shaer, on November 28, 2016

You pay your money to a web developer and he builds the most beautiful website you have ever seen.

And you sit back and wait for the traffic to rush in and the phone to start ringing. But it doesn't!

What's going on?  You have built it and they are supposed to come!  

Reality Check!  This is not Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams!  

1. The Field of Dreams - No one knows your website exists

The Number One reason why your website won't work is that it doesn't rank on Google so no one can find it. You actually have to give the URL to people before they can get it to show on the internet.  

I have lost count of the number of business owners who have come to me with a new website but no budget to promote it.

They have spent all their cash on a concept with no thought for the target customer or how that person will actually find it.

These websites suffer from any/all of these problems:

  • No SEO - no meta data at all - how can Google know what your site is about and match it to people who are searching?
  • Generic SEO - meta data which is the most obvious and puts you into competition with the biggest suppliers who have more authority than you.
  • Irrelevant SEO - meta data which is not reflected by the content on that particular page, making Google distrust your website
  • Duplicate SEO = designers are often too lazy to conjure up a meta description specific to the page. Instead they add boiler plate copy to all or most pages.
  • Bad SEO like doorway pages - Plumbers in Leigh on Sea, Plumbers in Rayleigh, Plumbers in Southend. A series of pages with very thin content which are almost identical except for the name of the town.
  • No distribution strategyyou rely on Google to match your website to the people who are searching for it and don't distribute your blog posts on social media or by email

2. No one knows what to do IF they do arrive on your website

The hidden telephone number - it's no good having a phone number at the very bottom of the page or just on the Contact page. People get bored very quickly and, if they have made the decision to call, the phone number needs to be obviously front and centre!

Without a contact form - how can potential:

fire & security system  customers request a free site survey if they cannot give you their address or email?

manufacturing customers request an RFQ?

engineering customers send drawings or ask for more information to audit you prior to becoming an approved supplier?

B2B or B2C customers ask for more information or get a quotation?

Many out of the box websites don't tell visitors what you want them to do if they are not ready to speak to sales. You can offer the opportunity to exchange their email address  in return for a free ebook giving away useful information.  You need to push them into your sales funnel.

3. You are not different enough from the competition

blog-addictYou don't stand out.  Your website looks the same as all your competitors.  It's just another template site with a big picture and some very similar words.

You and your competitors are all fighting over the same tiny percentage of customers because you are all only selling to the people who know what the solution to their problem is.  Blog for those people who have the problem but not the solution.

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