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5 Biggest LinkedIn Mistakes By Sales Directors

by Jo Shaer, on November 22, 2016

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Every sales coach is now advising his/her students to make the most of LinkedIn and it's great to see so many of them getting onto the platform.

However, being there is not the same as using this amazing feature successfully... by creating enquiries that can be closed into customers.

Here are the top 5 bigggest LinkedIn mistakes by Sales Directors:

1. Using your Headline to tell people you're the [Sales Director] at [Name of Company.

This is a huge waste of valuable real estate. The only people who care that you are a sales person is a headhunter. If you're trying to use the platform to attract people who will buy your stuff, your headline needs to reflect the main benefits of your product. Include keywords or phrases that your target audience might type into Google to search for an answer to their problem. Remember, you have 120 characters only.

2. Achieving 500 connections but no meaningful enquiries

Are you collecting connections and hoping that the size of your network will bring in customers?

Having hundreds of connections does little good if none of them know who you are, what you do and how you can help them. Start interacting with them. Build relationships, just as you would have to in the real world! Have virtual coffee and find out about them rather than trying to pitch your product.

3. Ignoring potential sales enquiries

My experience has been that the majority of Sales Directors on LinkedIn will issue or accept invitations to connect but then neglect those new connections by not responding to their messages.  

  • Have you turned off email notifications from LinkedIn?  
  • Are you ignoring the message notifications in your dashboard?
  • Do you only view the platform on the mobile app and don't know that there is a message facility?

This means you are cutting off a major way to engage and communicate with potential customers.  Particularly those who are actually trying to talk to YOU! Stop being like the rest of the sheep, stand out from the crowd.

4. Ignoring the sales potential of your website

Posting publisher posts and status updates attract attention but are you missing the crucial step of linking back to your website -the place where they can read informative articles or contact you to find out more? Make your website the centre of your marketing universe - a 24/7 sales person.

5. Letting the Marketing Department do all the posting on the LinkedIn Company Page

I have spoken to so many Sales Directors who tell me that their Marketing Department does all the posting on the business's LinkedIn Company Page.

Did you know that ONLY people who have FOLLOWED the Company page will see those posts?  YOUR personal connections will NOT see the updates on the Company Page UNLESS you share them. Let your Company literature and news be seen by your connections in their news feeds - it all contributes to those little reminders that you and your product exist.

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