5 Marketing Tips For Your New Fire & Security Website? Do It Right First Time..!

Are you looking for marketing tips for your Fire & Security company?  The first place to start is your website!  

Have you ever wondered why your competitors seem to get so many customers but your website produces very few enquiries?

So  you’ve made the decision… it’s time for a beautiful, stylish, modern website. Good call!

But, while beautiful is easier on the eye, the pertinent question is… will the beautiful new website do a better job of getting potential clients to your website, engaging them and making them keen to contact you?

Let’s face it, although a professional look and feel is the image most Fire & Security companies are after, they all follow a formulaic approach. There’s usually a mixture of stock photos of CCTV cameras and alarm control panels with generic, technical copy that means something to you as an installer. But does it mean something to your average home or business owner?

5 tips for Fire & Security directors who want to get the best ROI from their new website.

Tip 1 – Choose your website platform wisely…

WordPress is an amazingly flexible, user-friendly content management system. If you can use MS Word you can use WordPress! Which means you can make small changes to the About page when someone leaves without paying a web designer.

And, most importantly, there are Fire & Security companies out there with successful WordPress websites.

The HubSpot platform can achieve even better results because it allows you to clearly see which of your pages, blog posts, landing pages, CTAs and lead magnets generates the most leads and then customers.

It also has the option to show smart content – copy that is personalised for a specific reader/type of reader who is a returning visitor.

Lollipop’s digital marketing has achieved some amazing year on year results for Blake Fire & Security in Essex

Marketing Tips For Your New Fire & Security Website

  • Traffic increased by 240%
  • Leads doubled
  • Sales pipeline opportunities quadrupled

Wouldn’t you like to be able to see improvements like this for your business – across both home security and commercial fire and security?

Tip 2 – Don’t forget to make Google your friend

Although a website has to have a beautiful look and feel, it’s all in vain if no-one can find you on Google. So be wary of flashy designers with great ideas who ignore Google! Ask the designer if their platform really can perform as well as WordPress or HubSpot. Ignore Google at your peril!

Of course, you can help Google understand your website. It’s easier than you think, by following good practice you’ll be optimising your content for Lady Google. And if Google can understand your website content, she’ll be more inclined to show it in the search results.

Tip 3 – Remember the humans

It’s easy to get Google-obsessed, but don’t do it at the expense of human visitors! So it’s out with the boring stuffy content and in with the fantastic user experience.

THINK ABOUT YOUR AUDIENCE! Who are they? What questions do they have? What information do they need as part of their research?

You may have more than one type of ‘Buyer Persona’. The needs of a home owner will be very different from the requirements of a business owner or commercial warehouse manager.

  • Be helpful; provide lots of tips and useful information.
  • The layout of the site should be easy on the eye with straightforward navigation
  • Your contact information MUST be easily visible as soon as visitors land on your site

If your copy is addressing the needs of your potential clients, they are far more likely to get in touch than if you’re waffling on in technical jargon.

Sadly, whilst that may be very interesting to an installer like you, that type of information is just boring for many of the potential customers who are visiting your website.

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

Tip 4 – Include a fabulous blog

Blogging is an excellent way for any Fire & Security company to build trust with all those potential clients Google sends to your website. Answer all those FAQs that you regularly get asked.

  • Will my dog set it off?
  • Will there be lots of wires everywhere?
  • Do I need a maintenance package?
  • Why do I need monitoring? 

It can seem daunting at first. If you started in the industry as an installer, engaging people on the internet might make you feel uncomfortable. But, if you think about it, you are used to engaging with customers face to face or on the phone. It’s not really any different

All you have to do is tell stories, expand on testimonials, provide genuine free advice and tips. There’s so much more, but this is a great way to get started. Be friendly, chatty and helpful… Things that you do as standard in real life.

Tip 5 – Make sure you share your blog posts on Social Media

As more and more of your potential customers use Social Media, it’s a great place to nurture the relationships that could lead to sales. And sharing your blog posts is a great way to do this. Your content should always be interesting, educational and engaging in some way. Please don’t just limit your potential by publishing just a picture of a CCTV camera with a sentence about how great you are as installers! Even if ‘Marketing’ says that’s the traditional way of doing things.

One of the biggest crimes on the internet is to share blog posts just the once. It’s a lot of effort to create your blog posts and you really need to give people the opportunity to see them. So share these again and again – with some intervals in between.

This is especially the case on Twitter. Once people have over 200 followers, the stream gets very crowded and they can miss your post very easily. The remedy is simple; share your content several times and more often than you think.

On Facebook and LinkedIn you need to be more circumspect. So don’t put the same post up too often. 

Follow these and the other tips to make your website upgrade so much more than just a pretty face!

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