5 Ways Your Fire & Security Website Upgrade Can Ruin Your Paid Ads

Google Adwords or Pay Per Click (PPC) is a great tool in your Fire and Security marketing arsenal.

Used wisely, it can hugely increase the stream of targeted prospects visiting your Fire & Security website.

But, if your website is not set up correctly, all it does is amplify a broken sales funnel.

When your PPC campaigns are not bringing in the leads you seek, you start to ask questions.

Many Fire & Security professionals turn to a new designer to update their website. Here is what can happen if you choose the wrong company.

The top 5 mistakes for your Fire & Security Ads after a website redesign

1. Put the Adwords conversion tracking code in the wrong place.

If conversion tracking is not working you cannot see which clicks have resulted in enquiries. You don’t know which ads are the most effective. You can’t put more budget on what is working. You cannot pause ads that are losing you money.

2. Upload huge images that ruin your page load speed

Naive web developers think a successful website needs beautiful images. So they upload them. But without resizing and compressing the file size for the web. This means your website loads really slowly.

The result? When someone clicks on your ad, they then have to wait ages for the page to load. Or they click off to a competitor’s site. Your web designer just ruined your paid ad campaigns. AND your SEO. Google doesn’t like web pages that load slowly.

3.  Set up products incorrectly in WooCommerce

If you have an ecommerce site to sell your Fire & Security products, you need an ecommerce plugin or platform. This needs to be set up to work with Google’s Merchant Centre and Ads dashboards. Get it wrong? Google will penalise your ads.

4. Change your URLS without running proper 301 redirects

If your ads are going to dead pages that no longer exist, they will stop working. The authority of your ad campaigns will be affected. You will pay more for your clicks.

5. Not take your sales funnel into account when redesigning your pages

It is not enough to have an eye-catching picture and a funky, mobile-friendly design.  Your ads need to go to landing pages that fulfil on your ad. And then make it easy for your new visitor to get in touch.

Don’t let your web designer change any of the elements of a successful landing page.  Your Conversion Rate could tank and you will pay more for each click.

Not enough hours in the day to watch your website, your Google ads and deliver great Fire and Security?

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