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Bing Local Beaten By Apple Maps Telephone Verification For Extensions

by Jo Shaer, on March 4, 2019

iphone apple maps telephone verificationLove them or loathe them, fruit-based devices are here to stay.  And, because there are now so many iPhone and iPad users, Apple are secure enough to be able to stick up two fingers to Google and load their own Apple Maps app as default rather than Google Maps.

To take advantage of users searching on their iPhones or iPads, manufacturers, solicitors, insurance brokers, estate agents and all other business owners need to register with Apple Maps.

You enter your details - Name, Address, Phone, etc - and request that Apple Maps calls you on the Phone number you have entered to verify.  

An automated voice then gives you a PIN number to add to your listing so that you can confirm that you are the owner of your business.

Apple Maps Telephone Verification Problems

However, as I discovered last year whilst trying to register my client, Spy Alarms, this can cause a problem for all those businesses who have a telephone answering service that says something like:

Press 1 for Sales

Press 2 for Service

Press 3 for Anything Else

The automated dialling verification service offered by Apple Maps just couldn't cope with choices. So the telephone call never made it through to an actual human.  And there was no postcard option as is available for Google Maps.

For EIGHT MONTHS, the Apple Maps entry went unverified.  

But 2016 has brought progress for Apple Maps.  They now offer you the opportunity to ADD AN EXTENSION - or even two if required - when you go through the phone verification process.

And, even better, they allow a couple of seconds between the phone being answered and the instruction message kicking in.  This allows both automated services a chance to get it right.

There were cheers in two offices as we finally managed to verify the phone number of this client on Apple Maps.

Bing Local Telephone Verification Problems

Now on to Bing Local.  

Bing also offer phone verification if you change your phone number.  AND they offer the opportunity to add an extension.

Sadly, somehow this does not work in the same way as Apple Maps and so the automated service offering a PIN number never made it past the options message.

We were unable to complete verification of a changed phone number for the same client.

Nice try, Bing, but no banana.

Get Your Business listed on Apple Maps 

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