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by Jo Shaer, on February 26, 2018

Lollipop only work with ambitious Fire and Security companies. So we were delighted when Stan got in touch. Stan is the MD of a group of Fire & Security companies turning …

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by Jo Shaer, on February 16, 2018

GDPR - it's just four letters. But they are guaranteed to put fear into the belly of any business owner - because, as the owner or MD, we are the …

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by Jo Shaer, on February 7, 2018

Before we talk about the how, we should probably ask why should your Customers' Lifetime Value (LTV) matters to you or your sales team? It is one of those 'big …

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by Robert Ellis, on February 4, 2018

Have you ever used a spreadsheet to store your customer and lead data? Unfortunately, this is lead management at its worst. These customer and lead spreadsheets can become huge and …

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by Jo Shaer, on February 2, 2018

IT'S FACTORY FRIDAY - AND IT'S FEBRUARY 2ND, GROUNDHOG DAY!!! Which means that I get a chance to revisit the first ever Factory Friday and educate you all about encapsulation! …

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