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by Jo Shaer, on June 27, 2019

In a perfect world every single person who arrives on your Fire & Security website would be a great prospect. They would all want Fire Safety and/or Security Systems. But …

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Topics:ideal customersfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on June 23, 2019

I was chatting with a Fire & Security professional recently. He'd been sent a Google voucher to get started on paid ads. He was VERY EXCITED! I didn't want to …

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Topics:Google Adwordsfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on June 20, 2019

Working in the Fire & Security industry for nearly a decade, we have met some fabulous sales people. Together we make a great team! Lollipop cross the leads into the …

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Topics:fire & securitysales enablement

by Jo Shaer, on June 16, 2019

Have you ever spat feathers about why your inferior Fire & Security competitors seem to get a lot of work that should have YOUR name on it? Their reputation isn't …

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Topics:Buyers Journeyfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on June 12, 2019

A Fire & Security director had been installing some CCTV cameras at the home of a very well known businessman. During his tea break, the owner pulled our hero to …

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Topics:websitesfire & security

by Jo Shaer, on June 8, 2019

"Hey, do you want to, maybe, I dunno, buy some Fire safety or Security systems?" If your sales team asked like that... no one would buy anything! Leads would walk away …

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