Are You A Serial Fire and Security Complainer? Is It Time to Change?

Do you find yourself regularly speaking to Fire and Security colleagues or leads who complain that they are extremely unhappy with their current situation… but when anyone suggests a solution, they always make the same excuses?

One moan I hear a lot is:

“Our Fire and Security website doesn’t get us any work.”

My response is always:

“But why do you think that is?”

4 reasons why your website might not be generating customers:

  1. buyers are searching for fire safety or security services but are not finding your website;
  2. your website’s visitors don’t relate to the copy on your website
  3. your leads don’t get the answers they need because your contact form isn’t working properly ; or
  4. the leads that make enquiries are not the right type of buyers, leaving everyone disappointed.

Yet the answer I get is: “Oh, the internet doesn’t work for our type of business…”

“But you told me previously that it is working for your competitor…?”

“Ah yes, but they… [are the market leader, have a better name in the industry… or some other excuse about why the competition has an advantage]”

End of discussion… until the next time they feel antsy enough to start complaining about their website… again!

Serial complainers…

There was a meme on Facebook on New Year’s Day that talked about the phenomenon of complaining – apparently there are 3 types:

Venters –  are not interested in hearing a solution that will help them

Sympathy seekers –  believe they have it worse than everyone else and look for others to comfort them

Chronic complainers – are in a constant state of complaint about the same thing over and over

The problem with negativity is that it drags you down, building neural pathways that leave your whole outlook saturated with doom and gloom.

As a business owner, that can have a catastrophic effect on your future growth… just like not getting enough enquiries!

You’ve heard of you can’t win them all. How about you can’t lose them all…?

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