Honesty Counts – How Fire & Security Companies Blow It But Don’t Know It!

Honest and trustworthy. That’s how the Fire & Security companies we speak to describe themselves. When a customer is putting the safety and security of their family, staff and clients in your hands, it’s critical!

How do your clients know? You have the NSI Gold and SSAIB accreditations to back it up, that’s how.

But what if we told you, this hard-earned reputation is being risked by large numbers of companies because they chose the wrong Fire &  Security Systems Marketer?

Honesty is critical to your business. So why put your reputation on the line because of one easily avoidable mistake?

That is what we saw on a Fire & Security website last week. Is your business a victim too?


Fibbing and faking

For years now, locksmiths and other “emergency” service providers have used additional local phone numbers in their Google Ads

You know, phone numbers that share the same dialling code as the area their ads are targeting. 

Punters assume that a local company will arrive more quickly in an emergency. SO local companies are favoured. Their links are clicked on Google. They get the work!

Using additional local numbers is a little misleading. And is stretching your reputation a bit. But…

The real bone of contention is those companies who claim on their website that they have a physical offices to go with that local number.

You’ve may have seen these spurious locations listed in the footer of supposedly reputable installers. Try to find that office on Google Maps and you quickly realise that it doesn’t exist… Alternatively, it will be the home of one of their installers!

Their real, official office is 30 miles away.

So, they are telling an outright fib. And if they are dishonest in this way, how else are they cheating or cutting corners?

That is what the eagle-eyed consumer will think!

Why claim a local fire & security office when it doesn’t exist?

In many cases, the fire & security company is ignorant of this dishonesty. The blame lies with their marketing company.

SEO and digital marketing is an industry famous for its black hat charlatans. And this technique may help your website to show on Google for a town where you don’t have an office. Well, in the short-term, anyway.

Sadly, if you’re paying them for improved Google rankings, your marketer won’t care about being fast and loose with YOUR reputation. These unregulated companies are after one thing – your money. They don’t care if you appear dishonest…

Anything for a quick win…  with no thought for problems down the line. 

At Lollipop, we do care. Passionately!

Here’s some things you can do today to make it easier for you to get customers. None of it  involves lying to potential customers. 

It’s yours for free. Let your team use this simple checklist to help Google show your website to more people.

You’re welcome…

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

How damaging is it anyway?

Ok. I know what you’re thinking, so what.

But let’s take a little look from your customers’ perspective. After all, your marketing is all about them, right?

First. Honestly, do claims of non-existent local offices make you and your Fire & Security Systems company look trustworthy? Or do you begin to look like the company who cut corners.

You know. The guy down the road who bullies a bit to make the sale. Or the nice chap who leaves a mess and wiring that looks like Spaghetti Junction?

If you’re going to lie about where you are located, what else might you not be telling the truth about?

  • Could you be exaggerating your experience?
  • Perhaps those accreditations are fake?
  • Maybe those testimonials are made up?

Then, those potential customers may just start asking their own questions…

“Do I trust this company to give me the most cost effective solution for my business or home security problem?”

“Can I trust this company to keep me safe if they are trying to hoodwink me from my first phone call?”

Just saying.

Marketing and lead generation that enhances your reputation

Lollipop have been working with Fire & Security companies since 2010.  Our focus is to bring in the leads you need BUT not at the cost of your reputation.

We care as much about your business as we do about ours!

So, we help you develop your real USP.

Unique. Selling. Proposition.

What is it that truly makes YOUR BUSINESS  a cut above your competitionWhy should your ideal customer buy from you and not the other guy!

So rather than finding fibs and fake offices, your ideal clients see the best side of your company. Your marketing gives a compelling reason to use YOU, rather than the competition!

Honest Digital Marketing

Can Lollipop help your Fire & Security business to get more leads and sales? Read our testimonials

Here’s what Matthew Williams, the owner of Ocean Fire & Security had to say:

“…the Lollipop team have carried out several marketing tasks for our company Ocean Fire and Security. We have found them to be very passionate, thorough and in depth. This comes with the experience and knowledge they have gained during their time in business.

They have highlighted points in our marketing/branding that we did not even consider.

We are currently working on many marketing projects together and share the same end goal of making our business a success.”


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