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Attract Customers To Your Business With Facebook Offers

by Jo Shaer, on April 4, 2015

Facebook Offers are a FREE way to bring customers to your bricks and mortar shop/office or online ecommerce store (or both) by promising a discount or freebie.


How do Facebook Offers work?

Decide what it is that you want to offer

  • a free cup of coffee
  • 10% off a purchase
  • a free dessert if you buy a main
  • a two for one on your best selling or slower selling product

and they can get that just for turning up at the store or surfing to your website!

The customer sees the Offer on your Page or in his/her news feed, clicks to sign up for the Offer and then:

  • brings a voucher to your store or
  • shows you the code in an email on the screen of their mobile phone or
  • goes to a particular page of your site and submits a voucher code.

When they click on the Offer, it also appears as an activity in their news feed, spreading the word to their friends.  The latest stats from Facebook say that 40% of people's time on the platform is spent viewing their news feed.

To set up an offer, you need to select Offer, Event from the status update box on your Facebook business page.

Click on Offer.


Choose a great image 

Upload an eye-catching image to accompany any Facebook Offers or choose from images that you have previously uploaded to your Facebook page.  Remember, if you later decide to boost a post that is an Offer, you will be subject to the 20% text rule on images so choose wisely.

Accompanied by a title and description

Make sure you give your Offer a title that draws people in and a description that tells them exactly what they are going to be getting.  The title goes underneath your image.  The description becomes the equivalent of a status update that accompanies an image.

And, finally, the date the Offer expires and whether there is a limit to the number of Claims - you don't want to bankrupt yourself by giving away free cups of coffee to everyone and his wife for eternity!

more_options_on_facebook_offersFortunately, under More Options, there is a space where you can set your Start date and also add in Terms & Conditions.  

Terms & Conditions

You should pay careful attention to this section and include any potential problems.  

If you are offering a product, it is always a good idea to draw attention to the fact that there is no cash alternative.  

Also if you are giving away 2 for 1 on cocktails, an age limit would be a good idea.

This hidden section is also where you can add the link to your ecommerce store or other website if you are not a bricks and mortar business.

Of course, when I said that Facebook Offers are free, that is true up to a point. They are free to create. But, if you want them to really get seen,  you are going to have to promote them.  You will be offered the chance to do this as soon as you click that Create button - you will notice that it says

by clicking the "Create Offer" button, I agree to Facebook's Terms and Advertising Guidelines


SEO-Social-Media-Pro-TipRather than use their dashboard advertising option, I would definitely advocate promoting your Facebook Offers through the Ads Manager.

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