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3 FREE Ways To Attract Qualified Visitors To Your Website

[fa icon="clock-o"] November 25, 2016 [fa icon="user"] Jon Law [fa icon="folder-open'] SEO

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Of course, there are paid methods of bringing traffic to your website, and these do have their place.

However, who wouldn't prefer to get some of those visitors for FREE!  Google will send traffic to your website if you help her to help you.

This article looks at three ways businesses can make some straightforward adjustments to become more visible on Google.

Better visibility means more traffic. Without Traffic, there are no Leads and without leads there are no new Customers. Every website needs some T - L - C!

Attract qualified visitors to your website

There are 3 simple ways that you can start attracting the right type of traffic to your website for FREE.

1.  Do better on your site and blog

For Google, it has always been about giving her users what they want - the best results for the query. Google does not like to show people poor quality pages so it's critical that your website has oodles of quality pages and blog posts. Google warns against thin content or pages that are trying to game the search results

Content_marketing_not_adsConcentrate on producing copy that people will enjoy, that educates and informs and above all is unreservedly helpful.

Readers will come back, they will want to share it with their friends and associates. It will earn links and please people. They will want to download your offers and sign-up to your newsletter.

People love to get their information in this way... and B2B BUYERS for fire and security or manufacturing or engineering companies are no different!

If your copy is dull, uninspiring or written for the search engines with keywords stuffed in at every opportunity your site will not please the humans who buy your products or services.

In addition, you need to ensure you have optimised your on-page SEO as it's incredibly important - just don't over do it. You can download the SEO checklist to get the job done easily.

2.  Optimise your social media profiles

All too often businesses throw their social media profiles together with little thought or planning. This is a mistake.

There are two ways your Social Media profiles can send your website traffic. Firstly, through the links to your site in the profiles themselves. And secondly, via the content you post to the social media accounts.

To enable this website traffic, you need to optimise for Google. She will show your social media profiles in search results if the copy is a good match for the search query. So, you will need to include keywords in your description and title on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter profiles.

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You need to remember that Google likes quality but also relevancy. If the profile is not relevant to the search query, Google will ignore it.

You need to post your blog posts, pages and even offers to your social media platforms, so visitors are being directed back to your website. That is critical. Keep in mind your ideal client, where they are in the buyer's journey and the keywords they use. Then craft content accordingly to attract the right visitors.

Directing these qualified people to your website is perfect because they are curious about your company and want to find out more. 

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3.  Don't forget the local listing directories

Finally, there are the local listings, many of these are free. Free is great but as such these are often not afforded the effort they deserve during the setup.

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Each listing is representative of your company and so deserves attention. Also, Google crawls these and uses the details on them to build a more informed picture of your business. Most important is your Google+ page. However, she also pulls data from other listings to form the knowledge graph information shown next to your map entry. An empty box is uninspiring, whereas a full one with reviews and more information is enticing.

Local listings entries can also be shown in search results when they are a good fit for a search query. These additional entries push your competitors onto the second page of the results. And that is always pleasing. 

Traffic from these listings and those reading the knowledge graph is highly qualified because again these people are curious.


Attracting qualified visitors is only part of Inbound Marketing. Once they arrive, it is critical to convert as many of these as possible into leads and then nurture them into paying customers. That's it in a nutshell, but for more information you need to download your free eBook and learn how to take the fast lane to business growth. 

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Written by Jon Law

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