3 Easy Ways To Attract Qualified Visitors To Your Fire & Security Website

You spent a fortune on a sparkly new website for your Fire and Security company. It looks fantastic. But you’re not getting the new customers you were expecting. Hey, you’re not even showing up on Google!

It’s beginning to look like it was an expensive mistake! 

But all is not lost… This article looks at three ways Fire & Security businesses can make some straightforward adjustments to become more visible on Google.

Better visibility means more traffic. And more traffic means more leads. And more leads means more chances for your sales team to close customers who want fire protection of security systems.

Attracting qualified visitors to your Fire & Security website

These are 3 simple ways to improve the visibility of your website and get more of the right traffic.

1.  Optimise your website and blog for humans and Google

For Google, it has always been about giving her users what they want – the best results for their search. Google warns against thin content or pages that are trying to game the search results

That means you had better have something your reader (ideal customer) wants to read. Information that answers their questions is better than a generic page saying:

  • we recommend you service your system annually
  • we have cutting edge solutions
  • CCTV is a great idea

followed by…

  • why not get in touch, we’d be happy to help

This content is thin! Not a lot to it. You need to do better. unless you are happy for people to click over to a competitor…

Pleasing Google too

Pleasing Google means SEO. That’s Search Engine Optimisation. But, you can’t focus solely on SEO and ignore humans, your reader. That would be silly. You must strike a balance. In our experience, most Fire and Security companies we speak to do manage a balance of sorts. They try to please both Google and humans, badly..! 

Optimising for Google, means getting your on-page SEO right. Ignore it at your peril! If SEO and Google optimised are terms that make you shudder, you’re in luck. Read more about it in our free ebook How To Get MOr Fire & Security Customers .

The human bit is easier…

Concentrate on producing blog posts and web pages that people will enjoy. They should educate, inform and above all be unreservedly helpful. Think about the questions your sales team are asked every day. Then, write up and publish the answers on your blog. 

Easy. And every Fire & security company should be doing it.


Your readers will love you. They will come back. They will want to share these blogs with the answers to their burning questions with their friends and associates. Your posts will earn links and please Google too. And your ideal customers will want to download your lead magnets and sign-up to your newsletter.

People love to get their information this way… Think about how YOU use Google. Don’t you ever research before you buy? B2B and B2C buyers for fire and security companies are no different!

If your copy is dull, uninspiring or stuffed with SEO keywords no-one will read your website. And they won’t be keen to buy from you either… So focus everything on your reader, your ideal customers. And the questions they ask.

Quick action tip – choose a topic, Intruder Alarms or Emergency Lighting etc. Write down the ten most frequently asked questions. Make these into blog posts. Ta-da!

This first section on optimisation expands on items one and two in the Get More Fire & Security Customers Checklist, you can download it here. There are 10 items about Traffic to check off, how many do you cover on your website?

2.  Keywords are still important in 2020 and beyond

This second section on keywords expands on item five in the Get More Fire & Security Customers Checklist, you can download it here. There are 10 Traffic items to check off, how many do you cover on your website?

All too often Fire & Security companies spend little time considering the keywords their ideal customers are using in Google. Your current web designer will limit you to:

  • Intruder Alarms in Harlow
  • Emergency Lighting Essex
  • Access Control for Care Homes

And, in 2020 everyone else is also going after these searches. For one reason. They are obvious choices. Both for PPC and organic Google results.

Be different from the competition

So what can you do  to steal a march on your local competitors?

Well, you need to ask yourself: what are the questions your customers are asking before they become customers. 

You know what they ask. Your sales team know what they ask. Your website needs to answer these questions. And Google needs to find the answers on your website or blog. Of course, this is part of optimising your website for humans, see above.

These questions go way beyond the keyword examples above.

Don’t limit yourself with an FAQ Page

And a great place to find the exact phrases used in Google is on the Answer The Public website. It’s so simple to use and you will get plenty of ideas. Just:

  • Add your keyword
  • Click Get Questions
  • review the results

In just a few seconds you’ll have loads of suggestions. 

Pick the ones you are asked most often. Then write your responses in blog posts and BINGO. You’re in with a chance of Google showing your blog post.

To help her match your blog post in the search results you need to do your on-page SEO, of course. You can find out more in our ebook on How To Get More Fire & Security Customers

Still want to stick with an FAQ page? How many people looking to buy an alarm system are typing FAQ  into Google?

3.  Don’t forget the local listing directories

Finally, there are the local listings, many of these are free. And free is great but doesn’t mean they are worthless… Make sure you set them up with care.

Each listing is representative of your company and so deserves attention. Also, Google crawls these and uses the details on them to form part of your Google My Business map entry. An empty Google My Business page is uninspiring. Whereas a full one with reviews, photos, opening times and more information is enticing.

Now, you can even post your blog posts, pages and lead magnets to your Google My Business page. So make sure you do!

Local listings entries can also show on Google search results. Traffic from these listings and people reading your Google My Business page is highly qualified. Ideal visitors for your website. Some of these will buy from you!

Quick pro tip. Consistency. Make sure your name and contact details are consistent on every directory. It is easy to mess this up and confuse Google. She will get her knickers in a twist and may add wrong information to your Google My Business page. I’ve even seen one with the phone number of their competitor instead of theirs!

Put the effort in and make your Google My Business and local listings pages accurate and informative. You will stand out from the competition.

This section on directories expands on items eight and ten in the Get More Fire & Security Customers Checklist, you can download it here. There are 10 items to check off in the section on Traffic, how many do you cover on your website?

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