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How To Attract Your Ideal Client

by Jon Law, on December 7, 2016

It's all very well getting traffic to your website, but how useful are those visitors? Are these people the right people? Will they help your business grow?

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You've done the prep work and increased your online visibility. That's great, you're on your way, but now you must focus on your ideal client and entice these prospects to your website.

Attracting Ideal Clients

In a perfect world, you only want people who would make ideal clients visiting your website. Of course, you could target anyone and everyone, but that would be daft. The idea is to attract qualified visitors. The people who are most likely to buy your stuff!

Who is your ideal client?

Your aim is to build up a picture of your ideal client, their needs, issues, habits and role. Work from the following questions to start the process off.

  • What are his/her pain points?
  • What is the problem that s/he has?
  • What questions are they asking?
  • What do they need to know to make an informed choice?
  • What topics or queries might they research on Google to find the solution that you provide?

These client profiles are called personas in Inbound Marketing and each type of client should have one.

Are they ready to buy?

All too often websites are set up just for the people ready to buy. These clients/customers have already done the research and made their decision.

That's fine, but what about those people who haven't decided yet? You're leaving lots of money on the table if your website doesn't appeal to these visitors as well.

How well informed are they about their problem and its solutions? Do they even know what the choices are?

Do they fully understand the problem or pain they are fighting?

Buyers go through a journey before they are ready to make the final decision. By helping them through every step of their journey, your business has an opportunity to influence them at all the key decision points - the discovery of which options available and which one is the best for them.


Attract ideal clients on the buyers journey

The Inbound Methodology recognises three stages to the buyers journey:

  1. awareness,
  2. consideration and
  3. decision.

It is critical to bear these in mind when writing copy for your website.

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Keyword selection is not as easy as you think!

Keywords are the words/phrases that people type into Google, Facebook or elsewhere online when looking for something. It's very easy to get caught up with only targeting the most obvious ones - plumber in London, etc. Everyone thinks of those.

Instead, think about the topics, prospects discuss with you every day. What words and phrases do you think they might type into that search bar or speak into their mobile phone as a voice search? Refer to the pain points and questions above. These will give you ideas.

For more help, you need to look at our keywords page. Suffice to say you need to consider keywords carefully.

Finally, after your preparation you can begin attracting the right people to your website because you know

  • your ideal clients
  • you understand the buyer's journey
  • your keywords are not just the obvious ones your competition is targeting

Cool, time to attract qualified traffic to your website

Now the preparation is in place, you can start attracting the right type of traffic to your website for FREE. Click the button below to download your free Inbound eBook that will get you started on the journey to business growth. Fast Lane To Business Growth IM Roadmap



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