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To Attract Your Ideal Customers You Need To Stop Selling...?

by Alex Snell, on April 12, 2017

To attract your ideal customers and to help them to find you online, you need to stop selling! 

Controversial, perhaps, but here's why:

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Fact: Modern consumers are ignoring the hundreds of unwanted marketing and sales messages they get bombarded by every day. They put the phone down on cold callers and mark outreach emails as spam.

But, at the same time, they are turning to their computers to research the products and services they actually need - and buying things.

The answer to attracting your ideal customers to your website and turning them into leads is to understand this disconnect and embrace the Googling Culture. 

And, what exactly do we mean by that? Well...

What is the 'Googling Culture' and how can I adopt it to attract ideal customers?

The Googling Culture refers to the the millions of Google searches made every single day by potential customers, eager to learn and eventually buy.

You need to ditch the hard selling tactics like cold calling and "sell sell sell" website copy and, instead, provide the answers to the questions your ideal customers are asking.

Are you keeping up? Stay with me, I'm going to break it down for you...

Your website is probably focused on the 3%...

Imagine your ideal customers are a pie - any flavour you like. It would look a little something like this:

As little as 3% of that pie is absolutely, undoubtedly ready to buy from you. 

That 3% of consumers know they have a problem, they have found the solution to that problem (your product or service) and now they are actively looking for the best supplier to buy it from. These are the people who are picking up the phone to call you or placing an order.

The majority of websites these days are designed only to cater for that 3%... but that's the smallest slice of the pie!

Are you shocked? Did you think a bigger portion of the pie would buy from you straight away?

Well, what about the rest of the pie?!

  •  7% know they have a problem and are researching the solution online
  • 30% know they have a problem but aren’t annoyed enough to search for a solution
  • 30% aren’t sufficiently aware of the problem that they have to search for an answer
  • 30% for whatever reason, will never buy from you (this could be due to brand loyalty elsewhere etc)

That's a lot of pie, a.k.a your target market, that is left untapped.

The remaining 67% of the pie aren't ready to buy, and therefore the hard sell content on your website is only going to scare them away. They aren't ready to hear what you're selling. First, they want your help to make sure they are looking at the right solution.

Stop selling, start helping

In order to attract and build trust with that 67%, your website content needs to address the questions and concerns that your ideal customers face before they are ready to buy.

Whether your ideal client needs a HD CCTV system, a new precision engineering supplier or to find a product to solve a problem, there’s a Google search involved.

Find out the common questions your ideal clients ask - in real life and on Google - and provide the answers on your website. Make it easy for Google to know how you can help her searchers and she will send you lots more website visitors who need that solution.

That way, you get a bigger portion of pie!

Get customers to find you, and then choose you

The internet has allowed people to change the way they buy and sidestep the sales teams in the process. The power has shifted to the buyer!

By populating your website with content that truly answers the specific pains, challenges and common objections of your ideal clients, you ensure that those people can FIND YOU when they are searching Google for help!

We've only just scratched the surface in this blog post. But, we do have a a free downloadable eBook that explains the art of attracting your ideal customers AND the untapped 67% of the pie.

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