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Jon Law

Jon Law

Love blogging for humans AND the search engines... On a mission to enable spectacular companies to produce spectacular digital marketing the inbound way. Consistency is the key... And measuring success. With a scientific background, I'm a stickler for measuring.

Recent Posts by Jon Law:

by Jon Law, on July 7, 2019

At Lollipop we make this internet thing work for the Fire & Security industry. This article and tells you how to succeed in such a crowded market. You'll discover the single …

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Topics:Leadsinternet marketingwebsite trafficfire & security

by Jon Law, on February 24, 2019

You invest in a website to generate sales leads or enquiries for your Fire & Security company. Without a steady stream of leads, businesses of any size will struggle to grow. Even …

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Topics:LeadsSalesfire & security

by Jon Law, on February 19, 2019

Since starting work with Fire & Security installers back in 2010, we've generated hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of business through blogging. And, there's no reason why you shouldn't …

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Topics:Bloggingfire & security

by Jon Law, on March 31, 2018

Local SMEs in service industries are always seen as the Cinderellas of content marketing! But Lollipop's experience in the Fire & Security industry, combined with a client who matched their …

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by Jon Law, on March 5, 2018

For Security companies, advertising and marketing comes in various shapes and sizes. People see your sign written vans, your bell boxes are everywhere and all your guys wear uniforms. That's great if someone sees …

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Topics:security companiesCRM

by Jon Law, on January 4, 2017

A regular question from business owners and directors, when the topic of blogging pops up in conversation is Yikes, what to blog about? No-one will be interested in that...? Directors …

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Topics:Inbound Marketing

by Jon Law, on December 22, 2016

1. The Internet has killed the sales pitch as we knew it The women of the world (and their menfolk) have a laptop, tablet or mobile phone within easy reach …

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Topics:Inbound Marketing

by Jon Law, on December 21, 2016

Bingo! You've put in the hard yards and your Marketing Machine is working. Your blog posts are bringing in FREE traffic from Google. Your website is starting to produce leads, …

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Topics:Inbound MarketingLeads

by Jon Law, on December 7, 2016

It's all very well getting traffic to your website, but how useful are those visitors? Are these people the right people? Will they help your business grow? You've done the …

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Topics:Inbound Marketing

by Jon Law, on November 25, 2016

Does any of this ring a bell? You spent a fortune on a sparkly new website. It looks fantastic. But you’re not getting the new customers you were expecting. Hey, you’re not even showing up on Google! …

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