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Jon Law

Love blogging for humans AND the search engines... On a mission to enable spectacular companies to produce spectacular digital marketing the inbound way. Consistency is the key... And measuring success. With a scientific background, I'm a stickler for measuring.

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Discover Precisely What To Blog About To Market Your Business

A regular question from business owners and directors, when the topic of blogging pops up in conversation is

Yikes, what to blog about? No-one will be interested in that...?

Directors and CEOs are coming round to the idea that blogging has huge value to the business community, essentially being a free way to get qualified traffic.

However, in many cases, the task of blogging is allocated to the marketing department or a third party marketing provider. This type of blogger believes it is sufficient to upload posts solely about charitable donations, your latest product launches, new accreditations and employee events - traditional press release style articles aimed at broadcasting how great the company is. To them, that's what marketing does.

And when no enquiries or customers are forthcoming, it is decided that blogging is a waste of time and effort.

But how do you search online for answers?

3 Reasons To Choose Inbound Marketing Over What You Are Doing Now

1. The Internet has killed the sales pitch as we knew it

The women of the world (and their menfolk) have a laptop, tablet or mobile phone within easy reach.  Every buyer has the power to research before picking up the phone to enquire or setting foot in a store - whether they are a commercial purchaser or consumer.

It really is the death of salesmen like Willy Loman and the Glengarry Glen Ross guys.  No longer do purchasers rely on salesmen for the information they need to make a decision.  The days when someone could sit in your living room and refuse to leave until your husband signed on the dotted line are gone. 

Nurturing Leads To Feed Your Sales

Bingo! You've put in the hard yards and your Marketing Machine is working.

Your blog posts are bringing in FREE traffic from Google. Your website is starting to produce leads, people are signing up for your downloads and all is well with the world. But...

What next? What to do with these shiny new website leads?

Well here are three ways to make sure all that hard marketing does not go to waste. Feed your sales by nurturing leads! Make the most of these people who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

How To Attract Your Ideal Client

It's all very well getting traffic to your website, but how useful are those visitors? Are these people the right people? Will they help your business grow?

You've done the prep work and increased your online visibility. That's great, you're on your way, but now you must focus on your ideal client and entice these prospects to your website.

Generating sales leads - without these 3 things your website will fail!


One of the main reasons for investing in a website in the first place is for it to generate sales leads or enquiries. Without a steady stream of leads, businesses of any size will struggle to grow. Even the best sales team with the most effective sales tactics will fail without leads.

3 FREE Ways To Attract Qualified Visitors To Your Website

Of course, there are paid methods of bringing traffic to your website, and these do have their place.

However, who wouldn't prefer to get some of those visitors for FREE!  Google will send traffic to your website if you help her to help you.

This article looks at three ways businesses can make some straightforward adjustments to become more visible on Google.

Better visibility means more traffic. Without Traffic, there are no Leads and without leads there are no new Customers. Every website needs some T - L - C!

Competitive differentiation - manufacturers must STOP copying!

It's fair to say that most UK Manufacturers have failed to embrace digital marketing. Many have out of date websites or no website at all. Clearly, these companies are missing an opportunity to eek out a competitive advantage over the many other manufacturing Luddites stuck in the 20th century!

There's an opportunity to be digital marketing leaders and to stand out from the crowd.

The trouble is, even those companies who have a modern website are struggling to use their website effectively. All too often UK manufacturers follow the competition rather than strive to be leaders of the pack. Again there's an advantage to be had, a competitive differentiation advantage. This blog post gives you simple to use tips that will make YOU stand out from the competition.

The simplest way to generate leads from your website

Manufacturers, and most B2B business for that matter, are leaving leads to be snapped up by the competition. A wise manufacturer will make the simple change outlined in this post to attract more genuine leads in one fell swoop.

It is not rocket science, but it does take effort and a complete change in emphasis. Read on, to find out how to generate leads from your website. More leads than you ever thought possible.

Improving SEO By Avoiding Metadata Disasters

Because manufacturing and engineering sectors have largely avoided digital marketing up to now, there are, of course, a number of straightforward ways for improving SEO. Getting your metadata right is probably the easiest of the bunch. It's simple, because altering the metadata is usually quick and easy to implement; just ask your website developer OR if your website is built on Wordpress, just use an SEO plugin like Yoast or if you use Hubspot this capapbility is built in. Easy peasy.

However, just because you can change things easily, it doesn't mean that the end result will be fantastic. This post illustrates how your manufacturing website, or any B2B website owner can make significant strides in improving SEO by avoiding these THREE metadata disasters. And as a bonus, learn metadata best practices to engage Google users and entice them to click through to your website.

When great website ideas fail your manufacturing business

I salute manufacturers who search for great website ideas, far too many don't. There are still those that think a website built by a friend of the founder when the company was formed is sufficient. These out of date dinosaurs just don't cut it. So I salute those bucking the trend.

A great website design is critical to grab the attention of your visitor but it is not enough to retain that attention. Your research can involve wading through hundreds of spectacular website design ideas but whichever fantastic design you choose will only hold a visitor's interest for so long.

Loads of great website ideas

Of the gazillions of brilliant website ideas out there, the minimalist  Less Is More approach is one favoured by many web designers and a great choice. A minimalist website layout can look clean and breathtakingly elegant while making it easy for the user to find what they are looking for.