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Award-Winning Digital Marketing in Southend

[fa icon="clock-o"] January 26, 2018 [fa icon="user"] Jo Shaer


The Lollies had a great Double Whammy this week!

Award-winning digital marketing agency

Along with two other local businesses, Jon and Jo received our Southend Business & Community Charter Bronze Award from the Mayor, Councillor Fay Evans.  The event was hosted by the Organisation for Responsible Business at the Revolution cocktail bar and restaurant in Queens Road, Southend

It was great to talk afterwards with the other companies, Gold Award winners, Gleneagles Guest House and The Castle Public House about our experiences of apprenticeships and local business in Southend in general.

The Lollies were also thrilled to see the write up on the Awards page:

An excellent first time application and a very worthy Bronze Award. This small digital marketing company based in Leigh-on-Sea has a strong focus on supporting young people, offering work experience and apprenticeship opportunities. Lollipop Local also support a local charity by providing first class services at a nominal rate.

Physical wellbeing

As the Lollies basked in the emotional glory of being award winners, we didn't forget our physical health. Who wants to work with or for a company where the staff are off sick all the time?

health-check-southend-resizeSouthend Borough Council are running a Public Health scheme for individuals and businesses. The Lollies have been taking advantage of everything on offer right from the start when we had six free yoga lessons delivered at the office.

These classes are still happening every week, boosting health and promoting team building.

On Tuesday, all the Lollies took part in a free lifestyle health check with Susie from Ace Lifestyle Southend

The test consisted of:

Height - Jo was delighted to discover that all that yoga has paid off - she was half an inch taller than in her 30s! 



Blood Pressure

Lung Age & Function - this was a test that became quite competitive! No one wants to learn that their lungs are older than the rest of their body! The technique took a bit of getting used to and we all had young lungs but it certainly encouraged the team to want to incorporate some more aerobic exercise into our days.

There was also lots of helpful advice available for issues with weight management, giving up smoking and making healthy lifestyle changes, including increasing physical activity and exercise. 

Employees aged between 40 and 74 can also have a Health Check that includes blood sugar, cholesterol, blood pressure, height, weight and BMI - subject to eligibility.

It's available for free to most local companies - find out by emailing ResponsibilityDeal@southend.gov.uk

Why all this matters to you?

Lollipop are restoring faith in a world plagued by Digital Marketing Cowboys!

You know, the type that take your money but keep you in the dark about what they're actually spending it on... or disappear off the face of the Earth when your website mysteriously breaks!

Accreditations like our Google Partner and Trading Standards Approved badges means you can rest assured that your business is in safe, responsible hands.

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If you've had bad experiences with digital marketers in the past and want to work with a responsible agency that cares about its staff, customers and local community,  get in touch here or give us a call on 01702 476517.


Jo Shaer

Written by Jo Shaer

"You're not like other marketing agencies, are you?" Nope, and we're proud of it. No jargon, no BS. We build websites with TLC - Traffic, Leads & Customers. From small beginnings - as a part time lollipop lady who designed websites and explained social media for the local business owners she was seeing across the road - Jo Shaer has grown Lollipop to a national company with its own office and 5 staff. She cares passionately about YOUR success. You can trust her to keep your business growing by doing the right thing, not the easy thing.