Becoming A More Successful Fire & Security Director: Former Dragon’s Den Star, James Caan, Reveals 3 Top Tips

I have just seen a great article on LinkedIn from entrepreneur, James Caan. It’s all about what the world’s most successful people have in common.

Embracing these is going to help a Fire & Security director to become more successful too.

Here goes:

1. Adapt to change

Any business coach will tell you that there are 7 words they dread to hear from any director

But we’ve always done it this way

The Fire & Security industry is becoming more and more competitive. To stand out from the crowd you have to take on the latest technology,

And you do. For the Fire & Security equipment that you install.

Sadly, that forward-thinking attitude doesn’t always extend to your sales and marketing.

Fire & Security directors tell us that they get as much as 80% of their work through referrals. But to be even more successful, it’s not enough to rely on word of mouth.

Ready to reach new customers in both the domestic and commercial markets?

You need to be social selling on Facebook and LinkedIn.

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

2. Have a mentor

Behind every successful sports star there is a coach. And it’s no different for great business people. This independent expert fills in any gaps in knowledge and experience. And gives an unbiased perspective on what’s happening with your company.

But you’ve got to be able to listen and to implement the sage advice.

Since Lollipop became part of a regular Mastermind group, our business has changed completely. And it’s the best thing we ever did.


3. Break down barriers

In business, many of the most successful companies do something so well that it – to some degree – changes the landscape of the industry, taking the market in a new direction. In other words, they break down barriers, by entering new markets, developing new products and services, and generally think outside the box.

Disruption is key to any successful business. Think Uber and AirBNB.

Are you doing something so innovative that you stand head and shoulders above other Fire & Security installers? Or are you just one of the crowd?

Disrupting lead gen for Fire & Security

Hundreds of conversations with successful Fire & Security directors told us that many of you are fed up with agencies. They charge expensive retainer fees and insist on long term contracts.

You felt that you were taking all the risks. Whilst your marketing agency were rewarded even if they didn’t bring in new leads.

Can Lollipop help your Fire & Security business to get more leads and sales?


There is an easier way to get

The Right Message in front of

The Right Person at

The Right Time

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