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Best CRM For Small Business - Why We Vote For Hubspot

by Jo Shaer, on February 1, 2017

The free Hubspot Sales CRM is an amazing piece of kit for small business executives. Not only can it handle up to 1,000,000 contacts, it can manage both your sales pipelines AND keep track of your orders post-sale.

Not just for Sales, this CRM actually manages your Orders too!

What makes Hubspot the best CRM for small business is its simplicity and versatility. As well as providing a great sales pipeline, the Deal Stages work just as well for running the process of taking a customer from their initial purchase through the manufacture of their order to their final sales payment and delivery.

It's so flexible that you just create your stages with the correct title for the activity and move your customers' cards across the dashboard accordingly.  You can use the language and descriptions that your employees are familiar with so there is no potential for confusion.

How to set up a 2nd pipeline for production or orders

Just go to Settings in the navigation bar. Select Deals from the left hand sidebar. Scroll down to the section on Deal Pipelines and Stages and select Add another Pipeline

best crm for small business - add a new pipeline.png

add pipeline stages.pngThen add in your new Deal Stages to cover your production line.

Adding additional contact properties allows you to keep all their data in one place - records of requirements and telephone calls, sizing, colour, special requests - whilst showing where they are in the pipeline.

Improve customer service

Importantly, all the relevant members of your team can be given access to the dashboard.

This means that a prospect or customer can call at any time and whoever they speak to will be able to see at a glance where the caller is in the process and what has happened previously. 

Geeks often talk about intuitive products but this one really is simple to use - even for older people like me who have no previous experience of this type of tool.  I cannot imagine how I ever managed without it.

Hubspot is the best small business CRM

Here is one happy Hubspot customer  - Parlor Skis believe using it to manage both their sales cycle and ski production system has helped their small business to quadruple production within one year.

And did we mention that this CRM is FREE...? What's not to like?

If you're unhappy with your current paid CRM, you can export your data easily into your new Hubspot tool. Find out more by clicking the image below.

free CRM



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