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Better Call Saul Demonstrates A Fabulous Buyer Persona Example

by Jo Shaer, on March 17, 2016


We are always banging on about having a complete Buyer Persona to get the best effect from your Inbound Marketing.

And, watching AMC's  Better Call Saul, the popular prequel to Breaking Bad, this week, we saw a fantastic example of the Buyer Persona in action. Warning, Spoilers!

Buyer Persona Example on Better Call Saul

Saul (or James McGill as he is known in the prequel) is a lawyer who is working a case against a care home chain who are ripping off their pensioner residents.  The care homes have banned him from visiting their premises - even to see his existing clients - because he keeps on getting new people to instruct him and adding to the class action against them.

Saul needs to find a new way to reach out to these additional cases.  He discovers that the residents from care homes across the state will visit their local coffee shop for a treat once a week.  And so, for a couple of weeks, he bribes the bus drivers who take the residents on these trips  to stop for a while to let him get on the bus and talk to the elderly passengers.  But, of course, this type of solicitation is illegal so this outreach has to stop rather abruptly.

Knowing your Buyer Persona is critical to the success of your campaign

Saul's Buyer Persona has been built up over many months of visiting care homes and trying to find ways to get residents on their own - away from their carers.  This means that he has become initimate with all the day to day minutiae of their lives.

And, because he knows his elderly clients and their daily routine at the care homes so well, Saul remembers that the one time when every resident of the care home is in the same place is at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon.  This is when they all gather in the television room to watch their favourite programme, Murder She Wrote.

He realises that if he runs a television commercial about the problems faced by unsuspecting residents in the care home during the first ad break, every resident in every care home will see it and be alerted to their situation.

He produces an ad that speaks directly to the residents.  OAPs who have saved all their lives for a pension and, when they lose their partner, retire to the care home who promise to look after them forever.  His ad shows a little old lady in a rocking chair worrying about the fact that her money has just run out followed by a voiceover explaining the problem and how Saul and his company can help if those affected just pick up the phone and call.

The ad runs at 3.15...  but the many telephone lines awaiting the calls do not ring.

The phones remain silent for the next 45 minutes and Saul starts to become very despondent.

At which point all hell breaks loose with 108 calls.  The pensioners were not going to take any action until Jessica Fletcher had solved the latest murder!  So  it was not until 4pm that anyone got out of their chair to contact Saul.  

It was the one piece of the puzzle that he had not worked out.

That is soooo Not Inbound, Jo

But, Jo, I hear you say, a television ad is not inbound marketing?  Ah, but if you are aiming your commercial at a very specific demographic who need your product and showing the ad at a time when that specfic demographic will be able to see it - that's definitely not scattergun or distracting.  

It's targeted and educational!   But it's also cost-effective.

The ad cost $1300 to produce and show on air - with over 100 calls that is just $13 per lead.  

Want to learn more about the importance of buyer personas to the success of your Inbound Marketing?  Click the image below.

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