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How Can You Call Your Prospects At Just The Right Time?

by Jo Shaer, on November 9, 2017

A well-timed phone call is a powerful thing. 


Today's buyers don't want to talk on the phone before they have already decided that you might be able help them.

Call them at random and you run the risk of catching them at a bad time. If you annoy them it can really set you back because they will be less willing to talk to you in the future.

However, if you can call your prospects at just the right time - when they are weighing their options - you might be able to give them the vital piece of information that makes them choose you over the competition. A phone call like that is well worth both your time and your prospect’s.

How can you call at just the right time?

Buyers signal their interest in all kinds of ways but they rarely say: "Oooh, call me!"

Fortunately, being a HubSpot user means that there is one silent clue that your prospects might actually want to talk to you.

The platform has a free CRM which allows you to track the emails you have sent to your prospects.

Just one notification that someone has opened your email isn't very helpful. It got opened but you have no idea if they spent any time reading it or liked what you wrote.

If you get another notification later on, that's a good sign because it means they have come back for a second look. 

A third notification? It looks like this contact could really be interested in what your email is telling them.

Don't wait until you get a scheduled reminder to follow up! All the clues are telling you that you are about to call your prospect at just the right time!

According to  a study on response times by Insidesales.com, the key to success is speed.

If someone submits a form on your website, if you call within 5 minutes you are 10x more likely to have them take your call than if you phone an hour later. You are also 21x more likely to qualify that contact as a lead than if you wait just 30 minutes until you call.

Your window of opportunity is really narrow because, whilst they may be enjoying your email now, in ten minutes they will have been distracted by something else. 

So, as soon as you see 3-4 notifications that an email has been opened, give the recipient a call.

Context is everything when calling at the right time

But don't announce that you have been tracking the email! That just makes you sound stalkerish!

Help your prospect to feel as if it was just a bit of Kismet that had you calling to "follow up on your recent email and see if you could briefly discuss [whatever your email was about]" just as they were reading it for the third time.

Even if you don’t use the notifications feature, give HS Sales a try so you can see how much easier it is when you don’t have to manually log a call.

Less time documenting, more time selling!

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