Why Fire & Security Customer Service Teams Need A CRM

Imagine you get a call from an angry customer explaining that the Fire or Security product you sold them has malfunctioned in some way. You send an engineer to fix it. Sorted.

But what happens if the same customer rings back with the same problem?

It might not happen often but, if it does, that customer is going to be understandably frustrated.

And how much worse when the call handler has no recollection of the previous incident. They might be a different employee or they may have dealt with hundreds of enquiries since the last incident. It’s not surprising if the caller gets even more annoyed.

It doesn’t look good.

Even though it stands for customer relationship management, many Fire and Security companies don’t understand what a CRM does. They think it’s just a ‘job management’ tool. Not a way to give their existing customers a fabulous experience that will make them recommend you to their friends.

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