Commercial and Home Security Systems Marketing – Success in 3 Simple Phases

Hellooo! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably asked Google for help with your marketing. Specifically, help with home security marketing or security systems marketing in general. The good news is she’s sent you to the right place!

Alternatively you might have clicked:

  • a link on social media; or
  • a link in an email from us; or
  • an ad that we have been running trying to FIND YOU! 


Word of mouth isn’t enough to grow your business

If you’re like most of the Fire & Security people we talk to, you want to expand your business. And you’ve realised that word of mouth enquiries are no longer enough.

When you recognise that you’ve been MISSING OUT on some prime enquiries, you want to get in there straightaway.

You’re desperate to understand how to market your Security Systems business effectively.

You want hot enquiries from people who are ready to buy and have never heard of your company before.

Want to speak to a human?  Book a call with an expert.

Just want to research? Read on…



Marketing for Security Systems Installers in the Past

In the past, your business thrived on word of mouth recommendations. There were regular calls from people who saw your vans and bell boxes out and about. And, your listing in the Yellow Pages was brilliant.

Then the internet changed everything. You realised success relied on effectively marketing your security business online and on Smartphones too!

But, despite the promises of your local web designer, your business is still surviving on the traditional marketing stuff. Word of mouth recommendations and sign-written vans or bell boxes.

It’s frustrating! Your sparkly website doesn’t contribute at all.

You conclude that internet marketing for commercial and home security businesses is all HOT AIR!

But, it seems to work for the competition.

Only, the experts advising you can’t agree on what to do next.

  • Your web dev promises you a complete redesign will do the trick.
  • Your SEO guy says you need to buy some links to move your website from the 2nd page of Google to the top of the first page.
  • Your marketer says you need to rewrite the copy, blog more and buy some ads.
  • Your book keeper says your cash flow won’t sustain more outgoings.

Your gut feeling says you need to invest to get a return – but you’re CONFUSED. You really don’t know which way to turn.

But you can RELAX now. You’ve come to the right place…

Security Systems Marketing Does Work In The Modern Era

Lollipop has been working with Fire & Security Systems companies since 2010. Your industry colleagues have told us over and over what you want from your website. Hot enquiries which turn into site surveys.

And, drawing from data gathered from many websites, we have the answer. It’s a simple, phased approach to security systems marketing online!

“Tell us what to do, Jo”, I hear you say.

So here’s the simple answer in three phases – Build, Promote & Grow.

  • Build the best foundations to join up your marketing
  • Promote your website online so you go from invisible to unmissable
  • Grow your business with a consistent stream of hot leads and enquiries

Let’s Get Your Security Systems Marketing Started

You know from your own experience that designing and creating the best security system for a home or business requires a site survey. This includes a detailed assessment of the goal of the system, user behaviour and the physical constraints that you have to work within.

In many ways, online marketing is no different.

Phase 1 – Build Your Foundation

From scattergun to a joined-up strategy

The Build phase sets your business up for success. Start with a thorough analysis of the current situation. How could the existing website be improved?

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients

Next, decide where you want to get to – what are your business goals? How many new customers, increased turnover/profit, etc., and the time-frame. What are the challenges to achieving these numbers?

You also need to assess who you’re selling to and what makes your solution different from your competitors. Your USP and marketing message need to be at the heart of everything.

Use this information to develop a mobile friendly website that gives users a great experience on PCs, tablets and smartphones. You’re looking to make your business the #1 choice when someone arrives on your website. It must also show Google the information she needs to decide to display your web pages in the search results.

On completion, everything is formed into a joined-up digital marketing strategy bespoke to your business goals.

Phase 2 Promote Your Website

From invisible to unmissable

For many security companies, marketing stops once the website is live. But to keep Google interested, there needs to be regular activity on your website.

You also need a well-considered promotion plan because any old thing won’t cut it…

This is where the joined-up strategy developed during the Build phase comes in.

This Promote phase applies that strategy. It brings the right people to the site, engages them and encourages them to buy from you. What if they don’t buy first time? Remarketing ads on Facebook and Google revive interest and prompt a return visit.

But these are the people who are ready to buy. What about those doing their homework before choosing their security installer?

The questions they ask, your website answers!

  • On a dedicated website FAQ page.
  • In more detailed blog posts
  • On social media updates
  • In email marketing drip campaigns

You should target this largely untapped market segment precisely because your competitors ignore it!

Exciting but… all of this takes time.

Of course, you don’t have to just sit back and wait for people to find you. Instead, you can invest in Pay Per Click Google Ads and social media advertising. This ensures you pop up everywhere that your potential customers are on the internet.

Phase 3 Growing Your Business

From sporadic enquiries to consistent site survey bookings

The Grow phase concerns scaling and accountability. Whoever oversees your security system marketing needs to produce a return on investment.

To grow your business, you need to do more of what works – throw out the initiatives that fail and keep the good stuff!

Likewise, it’s impossible to get your digital marketing ducks in a row right from the start. But to know what is working, you need the tools to test and measure. You need the time and skills to analyse and improve everything from blog topics to ads to landing pages to emails… everything.

How well does the actual performance measure up to the goals you’ve set? Are your KPIs being hit?

And even if it is working well, you want to make it work better. Continuous improvement is the name of the game – analyse and improve!

The First Step to Successful Security Systems Marketing

It sounds like a lot. But you can take the first step today. Book a call with an expert.

Not ready to speak to someone? To quickly analyse YOUR current situation, DOWNLOAD your Website Checkup report. To get started, just click here or on the image below.

In less than ten minutes you can get an insight into the effectiveness of your current security systems marketing!

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How To Get More Fire And Security Clients