Don’t Choose Your Digital Marketing Employee Until You Read This Blog Post

Many of the Fire & Security business owners and executives who manage their own digital marketing are dissatisfied with the results they are getting. They are concerned about how difficult it is to acquire new customers and generate sales revenue from new and existing customers.  Especially when they have so many other hats to wear.

So what’s the answer? How do you get more bang for your buck without having to increase the demands on your own non-existent spare capacity?

Digital Marketing Employee

The obvious answer is that it might be cheaper and more effective to get someone else to focus on the role full time.

An in-house digital marketing employee would be a valuable asset, collaborating with your team and taking the pressure off your shoulders.

Excellent but…

Like any new member of staff, your new Marketing Manager will need time to:

  • find their feet
  • create the marketing message
  • address skills gaps if appropriate

The options for your digital marketing employee

So, is a full-time employee the answer to your Marketing needs? Let’s go over the options:

  • Family Member – beware of potential skills gaps, domestic broo-ha-ha and conflicts with other staff. Read more here
  • Apprentice – attractive in terms of outlay but there’s more to it than you think. It’s not as simple as just making the decision to hire a young person and giving them your Twitter login.  Read more here
  • Graduate – the theoretical knowledge will be up to date but this is an expensive option as your college student needs to test those ideas and gain practical experience on your time. Expect mistakes!
  • Use an existing employee – s/he may be a fabulous secretary or extremely capable administrator but be prepared for gaps in marketing skills and experience. Read more
  • Professional – a top of the range marketing manager at a premium salary sounds like the best solution but your one person marketing department still may not have all the digital skills required to get the success you crave.

And, remember, no matter who you choose and whatever industry you are in, any new employee means additional obligations for payroll, pensions, holidays and sickness. 

Need some help to identify the best marketing option for your situation?

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Still thinking about all the options? Read the pros and cons of hiring an employee or outsourcing to a freelancer or agency by clicking the image below.

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