DIY Digital Marketing – Is It Really The Best Use Of A Fire & Security MD’s time?

It’s the 21st century and everyone turns to Google on their phones, tablets and desktops whenever they need anything. This is not news…

But, if you want to get in front of those people, where do you start?

Well, you’ve made the hardest decision. You know Digital Marketing is the way forward and you’re keen to get on with it. But you’re not sure of the most cost-effective way to get the promised fast track to business growth.

If you’ve got a small budget, you will be asking, is this something you could do yourself?DIY-Digital-Marketing-Is-It-Really-The-Best-Use-Of-An-MDs-time

DIY Digital Marketing

“Come on,” I hear you saying. “Marketing can’t be that hard! I know my business better than anyone and my kids are on social media all the time.”

So let’s consider what it takes:

Skills required to do digital marketing yourself

Do you already have the marketing skills you need or the time to learn and master them? Here are some of the skills required for fire and security systems installers – they will be very similar for your industry.

Without a good grounding in these, you could find yourself with an incomplete marketing strategy.

Even more importantly, do you have the skill to craft a coherent marketing message that encapsulates your brand and company ethos in language which makes your ideal customer say “That’s what I need”? Do you really know what makes your company great?

Most of the companies we have worked with have trotted out the same tired old cliches on their website’s pages – wording that is almost identical to that of their competitors.  How can their customers know why they are special if they find it impossible to articulate it themselves.

That’s where an outsider, an external, higher level view is so crucial. Asking the right questions of both the business’s employees and its customers to learn what really makes them stand out from the rest.

Will doing your own digital marketing  save you money?

At first glance, DIY Digital Marketing  seems like the cheaper option. It is only your time and there are tons of FREE webinars and eBooks on the internet to fill the gaps in your knowledge. That’s true, but…

You have to find the best webinars and courses, watch and learn everything and then put it all into place. Phew…

If you charge out your own skills at £150/hour, you have just spent £150 watching a webinar… and you still have to make it work.

You have to ask yourself three questions:

  • Is it actually costing me money?
  • What is the hourly rate to employ someone who already has the skills?
  • Is digital marketing the best use of my time?

Is learning to DIY your marketing the best use of your time?

You only have a finite amount of time. During the work day Marketing will always play second fiddle to your other executive or managerial roles… wearing another hat is only going to cause you more stress and produce beginner results.

There are two options:

  • Reducing the time spent on your primary role so you have capacity to learn, master and apply new marketing skills
  • Use your spare time for marketing activities rather than relaxing with your family

Neither of them is going to endear you to the people closest to you – your loved ones or your employees!

Expert lessons from those who have tried to do digital marketing themselves

The simple truth is that your Marketing won’t get done!

Everything is down to you – all the technical stuff, the content creation, the design, the relationship building. Tasks that are usually fulfilled by a team of digital marketers. It’s a huge ask in addition to the duties required by your role as MD or Sales Director.

When asked whether an MD should choose DIY for his/her Digital Marketing, Marcus Sheridan of They Ask You Answer says

“You can’t… at least you won’t do it very well… and that will lead to your team saying… we tried… it didn’t work for us”

Someone must own it. And that someone is not the head of the company whose focus should be the £1,000/hour and £10,000/hour work!

To DIY or not to DIY… that is the question

Whilst it may seem like the most viable option, a recent survey of US local businesses by David Mihm at Streetfightmag revealed some interesting facts:

Most US local businesses manage their digital marketing tactics with an internal team, or the owner/manager does it himself.

Only about one in ten use an agency but those who do rate their satisfaction well over two-thirds higher in acquiring new customers – leads, store visits, etc. – and nearly three-quarters higher in generating sales –  revenue from new and existing customers, upselling, etc. – than if they manage digital marketing themselves.

Similarly, agency users were about one-fifth more satisfied with results than those who managed digital marketing with an internal team.

Small budgets may seem to mandate a do-it-yourself approach but better results could be achieved through partnerships with local marketing agencies.

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