Do You Have A Marketing Spell For Fire & Security Success?

I spoke to a very unhappy Fire & Security director this week. He told me how he had invested £3-4k per month with a marketing agency to do social media and website stuff.

After an investment of over £30,000, he had seen no increase in enquiries!!!

Finally he had pulled the plug.

A quick look at their website and social media revealed the truth.

  1. No plan for attracting traffic.
  2. No sales funnel.

Digital Marketing success for Fire & Security 

This makes us very cross. Because it gives our industry a bad name. And, over the last nine years, we have been achieving fantastic results for Fire & Security companies.

After a spend of £30,000 over our first year working together, Ian Blake saw a huge increase in

  • website traffic; AND
  • the number of enquiries coming through the website and also phone calls
  • his bottom line

In the last three years he has seen that trend continue. The increased revenue has allowed him to employ more staff and get some time to take holidays.

White Magic that will grow your Fire & Security company

In the week after Hallowe’en, it seems fitting that we offer you some white magic.

Here’s the lollipop lady’s favourite spell for marketing success.

a marketing spell linkedin

A dash of SEO
And a slug of PPC
A crop of linked citations
Weekly blogging – two or three

A bit of LinkedIn outreach
Will see you set up right
And some Facebook advertising
But don’t stay up all night

Once you’ve got them to your website
Help them find the stuff they need
In exchange for email details
Or a sign up to your feed

Don’t ignore the points of friction
Are buyers hanging on the line?
Make sure your quotes are followed up
And your business will grow fine

The first two verses are for TRAFFIC

The third verse is for generating LEADS

And the fourth verse will ensure you get CUSTOMERS

Once bitten, twice shy marketing

We know you’ve had horrible experiences with digital marketers and non-exclusive lead generation companies. You pay your money and get nothing in return.

The risk seems to be all on YOU 🙁

We’re not surprised that we find it so hard to persuade you to dip your toe for a second time with a huge investment and a long contract.

So we wanted to show you something different. An ethical agency that shares the risk.

lollipop-lady-circle-leadsIntroducing our BLACK BELT PAY PER LEAD package for domestic and small business enquiries.

You ONLY pay for the leads you need.

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients