Are You Getting Exclusive Fire & Security Leads Or Paying Through The Nose For a 1:4 Chance Of Winning The Work?

A startling fact was revealed during conversations with the Fire & Security business development managers in London, Liverpool and Birmingham.



Yup, Lolly leads are always exclusive. But we hadn’t been talking about it in any of our sales materials. Because we didn’t think exclusivity was a ‘thing’!

We thought all lead generation companies offered exclusive leads!


What is Lead Exclusivity

An exclusive lead is a lead that is sold ONCE to ONE buyer. These leads are highly prioritised by Fire & Security buyers and will often be charged at a higher price. Many lead generation companies will set their notifications so that the buyer alone has access to the lead and knows they will be the only company responding.

A semi-exclusive lead is only sent to a small number of buyers. These leads will cost less than an exclusive lead.

Are you confident enough to go head to head with the sales guys from other Fire & Security companies? If the answer is yes, you may be happy with semi-exclusive leads. BUT you should check to ensure HOW MANY OTHERS will be receiving the lead. When does semi-exclusive become non-exclusive??

A non-exclusive lead is a lead that has been sold to MULTIPLE buyers.

Why exclusive leads are important to closing


One of the business development managers told me:

We got leads from a well-known lead generation company and they were charging £180 for each Fire & Security lead. But they were charging the same price to four different companies.

So every single lead was netting the lead generation company £720!!!

But the quality of their Fire & Security enquiries was really poor. The contacts were not always ready to buy NOW or even just ready to buy.

Worse still, there was only ever a 25% chance of getting the work!

In an industry where not every new lead gets called.

And the close rate for new business is usually only about 30%?

Sounds like terrible maths to me 🙁 Who would accept a deal like that?

But it got worse! I had a read through of some of the online reviews for lead generation companies. There were multiple tales of poor quality enquiries. But there was also talk of ongoing spam sales emails from the lead generator AND also from third parties.

So, high prices, poor quality leads, non-exclusivity and then lots of spam sales emails.

Who wants lead generation like that?

Sadly, this lack of quality leads had horrible side effects too. No incoming leads meant that many Fire & Security sales teams were sat at their desks waiting for the phone to ring from word of mouth referrals.

But surely they were out pounding the pavements and knocking on doors on industrial estates? Not according to my sources. These snowflakes were reactive not proactive about prospecting.

So to quote The Sopranos… “What can you do…?”

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Lollipop leads are GREAT QUALITY. We send your sales team warm leads that ask to learn more about residential or commercial security services you provide or would like to get on a call.

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