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Place Tips - Attract More Visitors To Your Facebook Business Page

by Alex Snell, on February 17, 2016

With mobile users continuing to use social media everywhere and anywhere, including when they shop and dine, there's a new opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers whilst they are in store.

Place Tips is a new feature that allows people, with a Wi-Fi connection, to learn more about the business during their visit. Since the new feature launched, local businesses that have tested Facebook Place Tips have seen a steady increase in page traffic.

How Facebook Place Tips works

Place Tips gathers useful information about a business such as:

  • Recommendations and reviews friends have left
  • Upcoming events
  • Popular menu items
  • and Check-ins...

Then it shows this information at the top of the News Feed for in-store visitors.


Better yet, Place Tips are unique to the business in question. So, at a restaurant, Place Tips can show your diners' frequently ordered dishes, reviews, signature cocktails and the best tables to sit at.

On the other hand, Facebook Place Tips for retail shops can inform people of any popular items or upcoming events.

Example_Facebook_Place_Pins.jpgTo improve your customers' experience you can also add a welcome message to the top of your Place Pins feed. (People get to this by clicking on your Place Pin suggestion at the top of their personal News Feed)

A library could use this welcome message to announce to visitors that there's a celebrity book signing soon, for example.

Or Lollipop could use this feature to tell visitors about a Facebook workshop we're running in March!

There are certain things to take into consideration, however. Facebook Place Tips can only be shown to people who allow Facebook to access the location on their phone.

Also, Place Tips won't be shown if there isn't enough content on the business Facebook page to offer an enjoyable experience.

How does this attract more visitors to my Facebook page?

You might have a few questions after reading the first half of this post, such as:

  • But if the person who is viewing my Place Tips already likes my page, how is that bringing me new traffic?
  • and, I don't want to give my Wi-Fi password out to everyone for security reasons! Will they still see my Place Tips?

Let's start with the first question. One of the first options people get when they view your Place Tips Feed is the option to Check-In. When someone Checks-In, they are essentially tagging themselves and advertising to their entire friends list that they are at your business. 

Then their friends see this and wonder what they're up to and view your business page to find out more info! 

This is the goal. Your aim on Social media is to draw people in so they actually click and view your profile. This is an Inbound Marketing method whereby you provide interesting and educating content to draw people in, rather than hard selling and bombarding them!

Secondly, the Network protection concerns. Earlier in the post we mentioned how Place Tips works for people who are connected to Wi-Fi. 

You don't need to give your Wi-Fi password out to all your visitors. All you need to do is enter your Network name in the Place Tips settings so Facebook can use this as a trigger when mobiles try to automatically connect (which most mobiles do these days to notify the user of any possible networks they can connect to).

How to set up Facebook Place Tips

Let's jump into how you can set up Place Tips for your business!

The first thing you need to do to view these settings is go to your Facebook page and type in  /settings/?tab=place_tips after your Facebook page URL. 

So for instance, Lollipop view these settings by navigating to www.facebook.com/LollipopLocalSMO/settings/?tab=place_tips

NOTE: Only your page admins can see these settings. 


Next, you will be asked to type in the Wi-Fi Network name for your business.

This means, when people's phones try to connect to the Wi-Fi whilst they're visiting your business, they will be able to check in and view your Place Tips.

Once you've added your Wi-Fi Network, you'll be able to fill out the rest of the fields such as adding a welcome note and cover picture.

You have the option to use a custom image or just use your existing Facebook business cover image.

We'd suggest uploading a new image of the inside of your business, the products you sell or even your team!

Once you've uploaded your image click save and you're done!

Need a helping hand?

Here at Lollipop, we offer 1-2-1 Facebook training courses for busy business owners who want to make the most of their time on Social Media.

We can help you set up your Facebook Place Tips as well as teaching you the fundimentals of Facebook for business.

Book your 1-2-1 training now - at our place, your place or online! 

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