Our Spreadsheet Horror Story For Fire & Security Lead Management

A few years ago, Lollipop’s lead generation activities were pushing around 40 leads a month through a fire and security client’s website enquiry form.

Happy days!

But both Lollipop and the client wanted to know more about those leads.

The client wanted to learn how many of these leads his sales term were turning into sales – so they could:

  1.  accurately measure their conversion rate;
  2. see if any changes need to be made to their sales process; and
  3. track the value of their monthly investment with Lollipop.

And Lollipop wanted to know which website pages were generating the best leads, which produced customers and which didn’t. 

We both agreed to put in place a new process using a spreadsheet.

Our lead management Spreadsheet Horror Show

It was rather crude…

When a lead filled out a form on the website, Lollipop received an email. I then had the laborious task of adding this lead to a tracking spreadsheet. By hand. Every. Single. Time… Arrrggghhhh it was horrible!

The spreadsheet nightmare continues!

But it didn’t stop there. The client had a nightmare too.

At the end of each month, our spreadsheet was compared with the spreadsheet provided by the client showing their leads and sales figures.

Using their own spreadsheet, the client had to work out which leads had come from the website. This meant that, during the initial phone call, the sales staff had to remember to ask the caller and record their response. Finally, this information was cross-referenced with the sales data.

If this wasn’t archaic enough, we also had to do everything one month in arrears – to allow the lead some time to complete their Fire or Security system purchase.

Any leads that took longer than a month to make a purchase weren’t recorded. The reason? Because the director was unable to persuade either the sales team or the admin staff to manually trawl through sheets from previous months. And you can understand their reluctance.


How long does it take some of your Fire & Security enquiries to become actual sales? Do they all agree to buy within a few days of you submitting your quote?

Exactly! You can imagine the amount of valuable data that was being lost!

Time-consuming and cumbersome, with room for measurement error. It was horrible for everyone concerned.

Replacing messy, unforgiving spreadsheets…

So we developed a simple new sales process for the client. It used some simple free online software and automated follow ups. And was designed specifically to:

  1. automate all the manual tasks to improve efficiency and productivity; AND
  2. reveal which marketing activities produced the most leads and sales.

Stopping the horror was obvious, right?

Changing to the new system would have improved sales rates significantly. AND kept them ahead of their competitors who were still using similar old-fashioned methods.

Despite the benefits, the client didn’t want to make the change. The MD said:

I like spreadsheets AND we’ve always done Fire & Security sales this way…

That client missed a trick. He was happy to remain in the dark about the effectiveness of his sales process. He didn’t seem to care how much money he was leaving on the table.

But one of our other fire & security systems installers was not such a small thinker. He and his team embraced the new system.

  1. Within one year, starting from scratch, his CRM went from £0 to £200,000 worth of NEW local enquiries.
  2. He could easily see the cash cows in his marketing funnel.
  3. He could easily see the holes in his sales process.
  4. Simple automations meant that his team could handle MORE new leads. AND they booked MORE SITE SURVEYS because they had the manpower to deal effectively and efficiently with ALL the enquiries that came in. No leads were falling through the cracks.

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