What The Hell Is An MQL? It’s Vital For Fire and Security Sales

For the sales teams of most British Fire and Security companies, the lifecycle of a buyer is just two steps – Lead is generated and Lead is turned into a Customer.

And nothing else matters.  

A lead is someone who has the interest and authority to purchase your product/service and who has given you their contact details.

But there’s a lot more to it for the most successful Fire and Security sales teams.

And not understanding your MQL is one of the reasons you don’t close as many sales as you should.

Quantity not Quality

The goal of your marketing team is to generate as many leads as possible to pass on to your sales team.  The more leads Marketing can produce, the more customers… that’s their theory.

The problem is that many a Marketing team fails to qualify their leads. Whether they are in-house, freelance or a digital agency, they are not accountable for the quality of those leads. They can just do stuff that might generate leads. They may be sending over contact details of people but, in most cases, they are not people who are actually ready to buy.

Worst case scenario, there may be fake numbers and email addresses being sent for Sales to contact. There is almost nothing more frustrating than for a sales person to call a number and discover that some comedian thought it would be funny to enter his mate’s details into your website contact form. What a waste of time! 🙁

The sales team will look at the leads they get sent. Sales always has targets that they are judged upon. They can’t hit those targets if they are getting crap leads from Marketing. 

Have you seen the film Glengarry Glen Ross?  The sales team don’t always appreciate the lacklustre efforts of their marketing department.

In fact, the stats show that you can actually get more customers from fewer leads – if your sales team is not having to waste time sifting through people who are

  • fakes or hoaxes; or
  • not ready to buy; or
  • don’t have the authority or budget to make the purchase.

What The Hell is an MQL?

What your Marketing Department should be looking to do is send the sales team Marketing Qualified Leads.

You see? MQLs

Yes, but what does that mean?

Well, an MQL is a lead that is more likely to become a customer compared to other leads – because they have the budget and the authority to make the purchase and they need to buy that product now.

That’s the sort of leads that your Fire and Security sales team really wants!  They don’t want to have to persuade someone who is not even sure they need the product.  

How do you work out the MQL for your Fire and Security business?

You need to sit down with your sales team and work out what makes an MQL for your company.
For example:

  • Do you only want commercial customers, not domestic?
  • Do you prefer to sell to homeowners not renters?
  • Do you want leads who only want a single installation?
  • Do you want leads who are looking for a monthly maintenance or monitoring package?
  • Do you want to exclude leads who only want some CCTV cameras?

You get the idea.

Once you’ve got this clear in your head, you actually have the beginnings of your Buyer Persona

Now you need to work out how your website can help you to filter and segment your visitors to highlight who fits your requirements


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