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[fa icon="clock-o"] April 4, 2016 [fa icon="user"] Robert Ellis [fa icon="folder-open'] Inbound Marketing

Advertising budgets are largely spent on getting new customers to buy a product or service. Globally, millions are spent every single day to achieve this target. 

Some of the advertising they are doing is hard to measure, most of it has a short shelf life and all of it is intruding on the lives of the very people they are trying to win over.

So if companies are willing to spend millions on advertisements that have so many negative qualities then why aren't they willing to do something that costs them a lot less and achieves the same end - getting new customers.

The answer?



Inbound Marketing.

OK, so Inbound Marketing isn't free (though it is a lot cheaper than traditional advertising,  it's measurable and has a far greater shelf life) but it does include the Inbound Methodology. 

The part of this methodology I want to focus on is Delight.


Delight is the fourth stage of the Inbound Methodology and has very little to do with advertising at all. 

The image to the right is just one part, to read more about Inbound Marketing click here.

The theory behind it is that if you delight your customers then they will promote you to their peers - other like minded individuals that could also be your desired buyer persona. 

And it's such an incredibly lucrative thing to give your customers an excellent experience. 


Because these customers become champions of your cause.

Why You Need To Delight Your Customers

Delighting your customers generates champions. Champions generate trust. Trust generates profit.

Trust is one of the key ingredients, not just in Inbound Marketing, but for any company selling their products or services. If a potential customer doesn't trust you then there's no way they're going to part with their hard earned cash.

When you create a champion by providing them with a service that makes them feel special, this person will tell their friends, family and co-workers about it. This sort of recommendation will build trust in your business that greatly outweighs any review, testimonial or accreditation given by somebody that a potential customer doesn't know.

These people are like walking television adverts, but better. To see my point you just have to ask yourself which one you are more likely to believe; an airbrushed television advert that only talks about the pros or a friend who has actually tried the product? 

How Do I Delight My Customers?

There are many ways you can create a customer experience that generates advocates of your business, but we follow the HubSpot pillars of delight:

INNOVATION - Change is better than the status quo. Innovate to serve people with the right products.

COMMUNICATION - Personal is better than impersonal. Communicate to help people.

EDUCATION - Empowering is better than ignoring. Educate people to grow their knowledge.

As an overview here's what this is saying: Don't be the same as all the other companies out there, communicate with your visitors, leads and customers as though they are REAL PEOPLE (because they are!) and help these people by educating them - not selling to them. 

So how much does it cost to delight your customers?

Nothing - depending on what you do, of course.

Delighting a customer could be as simple as wishing them a happy birthday the next time you call them (if it is their birthday!) or emailing them to let them know about a new feature on the product they purchased that could help them out.

Delighted customers will recommend you, giving you a source of free advertising that money can't buy. 

Identifying with the pillars is the first step to really delighting your audience and turning those customers into champions. Then, and it's important not to rush into these things, get some help. Otherwise you run the risk of annoying your customers, instead of helping them, with poorly planned and executed interactions. 

How Do I Start This In My Business Now?

Delight is just one stage of how the Inbound Methodology turns your website into a Marketing Machine. To learn more, just download our free eBook below and start to turn your website into a marketing machine that revolutionises the way you interact with your audience.

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Robert Ellis

Written by Robert Ellis

Inbound and HubSpot Certified, Rob uses his previous experience as a teacher to introduce people to the delights of Inbound Marketing without using all the complicated technical jargon. He speaks in plain English so everyone can understand and, being relatively new to the industry, he asks basic questions that other marketers may have forgotten. Rob is also responsible for the systems and processes at Lollipop.