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Have you got your FREE Facebook Ad yet?

by Jo Shaer, on March 26, 2015

Facebook does not give much away for free, especially to business owners.

So, when they do, you need to grab hold of it with both hands!

Just a couple of months ago, Facebook introduced the new Create a Call To Action feature right on the cover image of your Facebook business page.  

This is the equivalent of free advertising on Facebook!

To begin with, only a very few businesses were honoured with this tribute.  But, over the last couple of weeks, the feature seems to have been rolled out to pretty much everyone.

That's all very well, but what use is a Call To Action?

We've always taught our students and shown our clients how to make their cover image into a clickable link that drives traffic back to their website or their specific sales page.  But having the skills to add the wording that explained it was a clickable link to an image was often beyond them.



So now Facebook is making that option easily available to all business owners.  You have the choice of this wording showing right in the middle of your main picture.

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

And you can link through to the page of your choice that will fulfil on the promise of that call to action.

A FREE advertisement for your website, event booking page, sign up form, sales page or app in prime position, front and centre of your business page on Facebook.  Now that doesn't happen very often!

And, like I said, you should be grabbing it with both hands.

Creating Facebook Cover Images with a Call To Action

So, here's how it works.

Click on the Create Call To Action button


In the next dashboard, click the drop down menu under Choose a button and select what you want the person viewing your Facebook cover image to do.

Then in the Website box, type in the URL (website address) of the page you want the person to land on once they have clicked that button.

Make sure they can actually take the promised action once they get there - I know it sounds obvious but you would be amazed how many times I land on a page and I can't work out how to do what the business owner wants me to do.  People don't like to have to think!  They will move on to a website where life is made easy for them.

Click the blue Next button

Mobile friendly for iPhones or Android

On the next screens, you get the chance to select a website or app specifically for iPhones/iPads and Android mobile phones. Make sure that wherever you send these mobile users, the experience is designed for mobile.

Click Create

You will now see your CTA button live on your cover image.  We chose Sign Up for this example.


So how can I tell if my CTA is working?

If you are the admin of your Page, you will be able to see the stats for your clicks in the panel to the right of your cover image. This figure tells you how many times your button has been clicked in the last seven days.

Of course, the one downside of this is that your Facebook call to action will only be seen by people visiting your Facebook business page and, judging by current performances, that will be less than 10% of your fan base.

So much for a free Facebook ad then!  Your best bet is to run an advertising campaign to promote your page. .. but not necessarily through the option easily available in the settings. Oh no, anything that Facebook makes easy for you, the business owner, will be something that makes Facebook the most money,

Along with CompetitionsEvents and Offers, promoting your Facebook posts is a great way to get people to like your Business page and see that call to action.

Download our guide below to find out more about Facebook Ads for business owners.

We also wrote a post called Welcome to Facebook which has been updated for 2015 and now ranks at position number 12 of 902,000,000 entries - you might find some more useful info about using Facebook for business there.


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