Generating Fire & Security sales leads – without these 3 things your website will fail!

You invest in a website to generate sales leads or enquiries for your Fire & Security company.

Without a steady stream of leads, businesses of any size will struggle to grow. Even the best sales team will fail without leads.

Obvious, I know, but on a daily basis we see websites paying lip service to lead generation.

This is odd, given the importance of new leads. However, many Fire & Security professionals think that you just build a website and clients will arrive in their droves.

Sadly, websites do not work straight out of the box in that way.

To get a sales lead your website needs these three things:


1. Call to action (CTA)

Your website pages and blog posts need to tempt website visitors to hand over their contact details. Too often a brilliant blog post has engaged, educated and entertained the reader but just doesn’t follow through. You MUST tell the happy visitor what you’d like them to do next. Click here to…

2. Landing Page and Form

Your CTA will take your website visitor to a landing page. Here they will find information and a short form to fill out in return for ‘something useful’. This enables you to capture contact details to market to them in the future.

3. Thank You Page and Download Button

Once completed the form forwards to the Thank You page. Here, your new lead can get access to the promised content.

Of course, you will need to have created an eBook of sufficient value for the visitor to be tempted into handing over contact details.

Successfully generating sales leads by offering valuable content for download is an accepted approach these days. 

Is your Fire & Security website leaking leads?

Find out with our simple checklist. Click the image below to get your copy

How To Get More Fire And Security Clients