Get ‘Face To Face’ With People Who Want Fire & Security Services

A Fire & Security director had been installing some CCTV cameras at the home of a very well known businessman.

During his tea break, the owner pulled our hero to one side. And asked :

“What’s the difference between a standalone CCTV system and one that’s remotely monitored?”

Our hero was very surprised that the owner did not know the answer.

But he was very happy to talk about it. They went to the businessman’s home office which had a whiteboard. That’s when our hero warmed to his task.

He started explaining and drawing diagrams. And was amazed at the effect.

“When you can see the people that you are presenting to are getting excited about what you are telling them……… wow what a buzz.”

BUT his website DOESN’T show those diagrams and explanations.


Wouldn’t it be great if your website could make visitors excited about Fire and Security products?


The Fire & Security template website

For some reason, 99% of Fire & Security websites for installers and subcontractors all follow the same template.

Big pictures of Fire safety and Security products.

And page copy that uses lots of industry jargon. Long words in complex sentences. 

It’s SUPPOSED TO MAKE YOU LOOK & SOUND as if you have the competence and the confidence to do a good job.

Without actually saying what you do in language your visitors can understand.

On our hero’s page for Remote Monitoring, it talks about his company’s relationship with NSI ARC Gold standard monitoring stations.


I can tell you. Very few home or business owners give a toss about that!

What do you think that web page should say?

Well, what did our hero do when he was actually asked? He explained how both types of CCTV system worked – with simple words and diagrams.

And he also told his LinkedIn audience how interested the owner was when he did that!

Getting 20+ years of Fire & Security experience out of your head…

The engineers that I speak to have huge amounts of knowledge. And you can explain complex Fire & Security problems really simply. But you rarely get face to face with a potential customer who is still researching.

You rely on your website to do your marketing. Even word of mouth referrals will visit your website before making a call.

But those websites suck when it comes to education. 

Let’s get that vast amount of knowledge out of your head and onto a web page. 

That’s how you get ‘face to face’  with lots of potential customers without having to physically be in their home or office!

Stop fannying about and trying to look like all the other Fire & Security installation companies and subcontractors.


Get ‘face to face’ with potential customers

Lollipop have been working with Fire & Security companies that want to stand out since 2010.

Click the image below to see an example of the difference our input has made.


How To Get More Fire And Security Clients