Google Ads For Fire & Security: Save Money With Keyword Match Types

Many Fire & Security businesses get started on Google Ads by accident. You got offered a voucher!

Spend £120 this month and you’ll get £120 for free next month – that sort of thing.

Hands up! Was that you?

You thought this would be cheaper than Digital Marketing?

And it seemed so simple to set up. There were lots of fields that said Recommended. So you just took each easy option.

A few months in and your Google Ads bill is massive. But you’re not getting any enquiries.

One of the biggest ways to waste a lot of money is not choosing your keywords wisely.

But there’s even more to it than that. Once you know the keywords you want to target, there is another gotcha.

Most Fire & Security professionals who DIY their Google ads don’t realise that there are different match ‘types’ of search term.

Here are the three main match types that Fire & Security Ads beginners need to know about.


Broad Match Search

Say, for example, you sell fire alarms and want to achieve more brand awareness. You want to get your name in front of anyone who might be interested in their products. So you create a campaign and ad group called Fire Alarms. 

Next you’re asked what keywords you want to target.

So you just typed fire alarms.

This is called broad match. It means that your ad will show whenever someone types in a search that contains the word ‘fire’ and the word ‘alarms’. Or any variants or ‘stems’ of either of those two words. EG “firing” “alarming”…

Broad match allows you to reach the widest audience. But it doesn’t give you a lot of control over who sees it.

There could be an awful lot of wasted clicks and cash for a fire alarm company.

Phrase Match Search

A more savvy Fire & Security professional might say: “I only want my ads to show for searches that include the phrase “fire alarms”. 

In the keyword field, you type in fire alarms with speech marks around it. “fire alarms”

Your ad will now show for search phrases like business fire alarms, commercial fire alarms, fire alarms for homes. Less people are reached but those that do see the ad will at least have an interest in fire alarms. 

Exact Match Search

So is there a way to get your ads to show ONLY when someone searches for the phrase [fire alarms]?

Yes, you add those square brackets around it when you type it into the field for keywords in Google Ads.

But beware! Google now shows plurals and synonyms even for supposedly exact match terms. And sometimes may change the order of the words too!

You will need to monitor what searches your ads are showing for very carefully. Any search terms that you don’t want should be made into NEGATIVE keywords. That way, your ads won’t show for these keyword searches in the future.

Using Google Ads for Fire & Security Sales

Another thing to remember is that your ad MUST go through to a page that talks about Fire Alarms. NOT your home page.

Your website’s home page will talk about all the services that you offer. This person wants to know about FIRE ALARMS. He’s typed it into Google. S/he’s seen your ad about it. S/he doesn’t want to land on a page that talks about all types of home and commercial security. 

S/he will be clicking the back button and visiting one of your competitors’ sites very quickly.

Make it easy for your potential customer to find exactly the information that they need.

And make sure there is an easy way for these new visitors to contact you and your sales team.

Thing is, you’re a Fire and Security expert. You have enough to do to keep up with all the changes to legislation and best practice in your own industry. And you certainly shouldn’t be wasting your valuable time on marketing and lead generation. Or keeping an eye on who is

So what can you do?

The best way to get Fire and Security Leads

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