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Google Ads For Fire & Security - Use More Than One Ad Group

by Jo Shaer, on March 17, 2019

If your Fire & Security Ad campaign has just one ad group, you're pouring money down the plughole.

The biggest mistake I see time and again is hundreds of keywords all in the same ad group.



An ad campaign controls your budget and location.

An ad group controls your keywords. And which ads will show for those keywords.

One ad for all your keywords equals disaster.

And the wrong ad showing for your best keyword equals disaster.

  • Your ad won't fulfil on the keyword.
  • Your ad won't send people to a landing page that fulfils on the keyword.
  • Your Quality Score will be very low.
  • If someone does click your ad, you will pay more than you need to.

The experts advise one keyword per ad group for a reason.

Save money. Choose the right person to manage your ads

  • Split your related keywords into groups.
  • Create ads that really relate to those keywords.
  • Send the ads to landing pages that make people WANT TO contact you.
  • Send the ads to landing pages that make it EASY for people to contact you.

Just saying...

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