Google Ads For Fire & Security – Your Most Expensive Mistake


Over the last decade, I’ve looked at the Google Ad accounts of dozens of Fire and Security companies. Do you want to know the biggest mistake I see?

Time and time again it is is hundreds of keywords all in the same ad group.

If your Fire & Security Google Ad campaign has just one ad group, you’re pouring money down the plughole.

An ad campaign controls your budget and location.

An ad group controls your keywords. And which ads will show for those keywords.

The wrong ad showing for your best keyword equals disaster. An expensive disaster.

  • Your ad won’t fulfil on the keyword.
  • Your ad won’t send people to a landing page that fulfils on the keyword. Fewer clicks will turn into leads
  • That means your Google Ads Quality Score will be very low.
  • So, if someone does click your ad, YOU will PAY MORE than you need to.

The experts advise one keyword per ad group for a reason.

To save money.

To get more leads and customers, you need to set up your Ad groups correctly.

  • Split your related keywords into groups.
  • Create ads that really relate to those keywords.
  • Send the ads to landing pages that fulfil on what the ad said AND make people WANT TO contact you.
  • Send the ads to landing pages that make it EASY for people to contact you.

Just saying…

Thing is, you’re a Fire and Security expert. You have enough to do to keep up with all the changes to legislation and best practice in your own industry. And you certainly shouldn’t be wasting your valuable time on marketing and lead generation. Or keeping an eye on who is

So what can you do?

The best way to get Fire and Security Leads

click for fire-security-leads-black-belt-guaranteeLollipop specialise in helping Fire and Security companies to generate more leads on what we call a ‘pay per lead’ basis. No complicated contracts, or monthly retainers. Just high quality leads that can help your business scale.

We handle the Google Ads and other advertising so you don’t have to.

All you have to do is make sure you have a great sales team who can turn your qualified leads into site surveys and sales!

We have some powerful new approaches and tools which make a huge difference to companies whose websites are not generating sufficient leads.

Your leads are exclusive to you – they don’t get sent to other Fire and Security companies like most comparison sites.

We even have a way to filter out fakes and hoaxes. You NEVER pay for those.

Plus there is a BLACK BELT GUARANTEE so it’s no risk to you. It really is a no-brainer!

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