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Google Adwords Mobile Certification

by Jo Shaer, on April 7, 2016

mobile_certificate-min.pngI've been studying at the weekend again. This time to gain the Google Adwords Mobile Certification.

In an age when:

smartphone and tablet adoption is increasing rapidly (US figures show from 36% in 2011 to 61% in 2013);

50% of mobile searchers purchase within the hour - either by calling or by moving to another device;  and

4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find products, services or experiences that are nearby (most often within 5 miles of where they are located);

being able to offer a structured mobile ads option to our customers was a priority.

Mobile has changed Buyer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour has changed over the last couple of years. Whereas people used to be on the mobile more often in the morning or the evening - when they were commuting - in 2016, mobile usage is spread evenly across the day.  And, more imporatntly, the lines between desktop and mobile conversions have started to become blurred. Many people will start researching something on their mobile and then switch to their tablet or desktop to complete a purchase... or even go down to the store.

Conversely, there is also something called Showrooming where users visit their local store to research a product and then go online to see if they can purchase it more cheaply.  We wrote about Showrooming here a couple of years ago after local business owners started remarking upon this phenomenon.

It's hard to know where the buyer's journey is going to start. But advertisers have to be prepared for all eventualities and create campaigns that will put their products and services where their potential customers are searching.  You have to understand the shopping journey in this multi-screen world.

Smart Shoppers and Smart Viewers

And today we have smart shoppers, who know that there are lots of different providers and will use any available devices to figure out where to shop.  

However, there are also smart viewers! Video is more important than ever and many consumers will be using YouTube to gain more insight before they go searching for the nearest local supplier or the cheapest online vendor.

The rise of Apps

The mobile certification covers mobile ads and also how to promote downloads and engagement for your apps.

As more and more businesses start investing in apps to differentiate themselves from the crowd and increase loyalty and engagement from their audience, getting these installed is going to be crucial. 

The stats say that as many as 60% of apps never get downloaded from Google's Play Store! That means it is crucial to build a great app.  And, to do that,  you have to understand your target customer and his/her needs before you start designing any app. More importantly, you have to design an app that works better with the features of a smartphone than a desktop.

One of the examples given was a utility company whose app allowed a meter reading to be registered by submitting a photograph. Ideal for the camera functionality of a smartphone. It made them unique amongst their competition. You get the idea?

Google's mobile ads for ad promotion and increased engagement are going to be playing a big role in the future of marketing. 

Looking for training to improve your Pay Per Click campaigns on both desktops and mobiles? Book a 121 training consultation with a certified Google Partner by clicking on the image below.

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