Google Map Listing Not Showing Up? Security Companies Hit By Hawk

The Fire and Security company owner was almost in tears during our phone call.

We have always been at #1 on Google maps but my listing has just disappeared! We have been replaced by a competitor that moved in down the road. They’re not as good as us! They only have one review and it gives them just one star!

This was one of the big problems of 2017… but it’s not gone away!

Help! My Google map listing disappeared!

Are you a Fire & Security company who always used to show up in the top 3 for your most important search terms on maps? You had best go check because you may find your Google Map Listing not showing up any more. Worse, you could be seeing one of your less competent competitors!

Organically you will probably still be ranking in the top 5 on the first page of search results BUT your map listing has tanked and cannot be found – unless you go into maps and zoom in.

The issue has affected both PCs and smartphones but the effects are even more pronounced for mobile “near me” searches where Local Google Maps is such a prominent feature.

Google map listing not showing up because of Possum or Hawk?

At the end of 2016, Google released an algorithm called Possum – the goal of the local filter was to stop spammy companies who had created several listings from being able to monopolise the top 3 places in Maps. Possum looked at all the businesses listed using the same category in a similar location and filtered out all the ones it didn’t like the look of!

Sadly, as with many Google updates, the upshot was that it had a direct and immediate impact upon the revenue of some innocent, law abiding businesses.  In particular, the Fire & Security industry  in the South East – because of the concentration of this type of business in the region – and also because many are expanding through acquisition.

After about 8 months, Google realised that it might be using a sledgehammer and released a new update called Hawk. It fixed some of the issues with Possum… but not all  of them. Many unsuspecting businesses are still being filtered out of local searches by competitors in close proximity… 

Has Your Fire and Security Google Map Listing disappeared?

Get in touch and we can quote you to help you fix it.

But, be aware…

It can take a lot of time and expertise to fix a Google Map Listing that’s disappeared. And most Fire and Security companies will get the bulk of their organic local enquiries through that map.

But don’t panic.

There are other things you can do to get leads.

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