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Google's Advice On SEO Companies Who Guarantee 1st Page Ranking

by Jo Shaer, on October 10, 2016

SEO-COMPANIES-WHO-GUARANTEE-1.jpgI am indebted to Joy Hawkins for highlighting that Google has finally put into writing their advice for business owners who want to use third parties to manage their Google My Business listing (and their website visibility).

Under the heading of Deceptive Behaviour, Google says:

Guaranteeing placement on Google.

It is not possible for third-parties to influence the order in which your business appears on Google Search or Maps.

SEO Companies who guarantee

I see so many SEO websites offering #1 placements for a very cheap price... along with various testimonials from delighted customers. And I think there is a lot of confusion amongst business owners about being ranked #1.  Are they talking about in organic search or in the paid listings?

Paid listings - Google Adwords/Pay Per Click

The paid listings are the advertisements that appear at the very top of any search engine results page. You pay to play in this auction.  Your listing will be a #1 for as long as your third party supplier is paying Google enough to keep you there...

Ranking organically for your own name

The organic listings are something else all together.  It is all about the quality of your website and how relevant it is to whatever search has been made.

I meet lots of business owners who don't realise that not being able to rank #1 for a search for the name of your own business is one of the worst possible website design crimes.

This is another area that business owners need to understand.

If someone in your town makes a search for the name of your business, you would expect your own website to be at #1 if the SEO has been done properly.  If an SEO company claims to have achieved this for you, It's not something worthy of being mentioned in a recommendation.

Because the problem with that search is that it is being done by someone who already knows your name.


 It's all very well being found in a Google search for your business name, but did you know that the people searching specifically for your name only form LESS THAN 3% of your potential market! What about the other 97% who don't know who you are?

Ranking for people who need your product but don't know your name

What you also want to be ranking for are the words and phrases that people who need your product/service but don't know who you are might be typing into Google (The remaining 97%).


The only way you can do that is by giving Google sufficient clues that your website will give the best, most relevant and up to date answer to whatever search is being made.

Put simply, your website has to provide as much information as possible around the pains and problems that your potential customers might have... and how your product can resolve these.

Give Google the information she needs to make you her #1 choice to show to the people who need you most.

But there can be no guarantees in Google's map listings or in organic search... because Google says so!

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