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Grow Your Fire & Security Business By Sharing On LinkedIn

by Jo Shaer, on January 14, 2019

People often tell me that LinkedIn is no good for growing Fire & Security companies. But that's completely WRONG.

Here's another top tip from my fabulous sales coach, Rick Roberge - share your posts with your connections... and their connections!

Need an example? Just

grow-fire-security-co-by-sharing-on-LinkedIn1. The Lolly team wrote a fabulous blog post about Which Fire Extinguishers Do You Need on the Blake Fire & Security website. HubSpot automatically posts a link to it to Blake's social media accounts, including their LinkedIn Company Page.   

2. Because I follow the Blake Fire & Security LinkedIn Company Page, it appeared in my news feed too. I shared the post to my LinkedIn profile but, before I published, I also tagged Ian Blake (the MD) and Rory Foster (the Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguisher specialist at Blake's) in my status update.

The tags make it simple for MY 2,500+ connections to  easily access these experts on LinkedIn. This increases Ian and Rory's visibility, but also makes it more likely that someone will click through to find out more about the practical help and advice they can offer on commercial Fire & Security. Great!

3. Now think about what would happen if I emailed or private messaged Ian and Rory and suggested that they SHARE the blog post with their LinkedIn connections? 

But why would they do that, Jo?

Because this is where understanding the power and reach of LinkedIn is crucial.

According to this post, in 2017, the average person on LinkedIn was connected to around 400 people.

If Ian and Rory were to share the post = 2 x 400 = 800 more people seeing that update.


Grow your Fire & Security company by sharing on LinkedIn

But there are at least 25 employees at Blake Fire & Security. What if Ian asks them all to share the update with their connections?

That's 25 x 400 = 10,000 people who might read that message.

How many of those 10,000 individuals will need an alarm system for their home and/or business?

Now imagine that I advised Ian and Rory, when they share my post, to add a note asking their connections to help spread the word about their expertise by SHARING the post with THEIR connections.

 10,000 x 400 = 4 million people potentially seeing that update.

Now do you think it is a good idea to do more sharing on LinkedIn?  If you make a status update, you should always ask your connections to share it with their connections...

By how much do you think you could grow your Fire & Security business?

Need more visibility and customers for your Fire & Security company?

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