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Spreadsheet Horrors OR Savvy Lead Management For Security Companies

by Robert Ellis, on February 4, 2018

Have you ever used a spreadsheet to store your customer and lead data?

Unfortunately, this is lead management at its worst. These customer and lead spreadsheets can become huge and unwieldy very quickly. An intimidating burden, difficult to maintain and rarely looked at. 

While your business coach told you it was a good idea to keep track of your customers and leads, the spreadsheet as we know it is not fit for purpose.

The answer, of course, is a modern CRM built to make the life of a sales person easier and more productive. We feel your pain because we've also struggled with spreadsheets in a previous life... 


The lead management Spreadsheet Horror Show...

For one of our  fire and security clients, we generated around 40 leads a month through the company's website enquiry form. Happy days!

But both Lollipop and the client wanted to know more about those leads, so we could replicate success, remove any failures from our marketing efforts and grow sales accordingly..For example, Lollipop wanted to know which website pages were generating the best leads, which produced customers and which didn't. 

The client wanted to learn how many of these leads were converted into sales - so they could:

  1.  accurately measure their conversion rate;
  2. see if any changes need to be made to their sales process; and 
  3. track the value of their monthly investment with Lollipop.

A new process was put in place. It was rather crude...

When a lead filled out a form on the website, we received an email. I then had the laborious task of adding this lead to a tracking spreadsheet. By hand. Every. Single. Time... Arrrggghhhh it was horrible!

The spreadsheet nightmare continues!

But it didn't stop there. The client had a nightmare too.

At the end of each month, our spreadsheet was compared with the sales figures provided by the client. Using their own spreadsheet, the client had to work out which leads had come from the website. The sales staff had to remember to ask the caller and record their response. Finally, this information was cross-referenced with sales data. 

If this wasn't archaic enough, we also had to do everything one month in arrears - to allow the lead sufficient time to complete a purchase.

Any leads that took longer to make a purchase weren't recorded because the staff refused to manually trawl through sheets from previous months. You can imagine the amount of valuable data lost!

Time-consuming and cumbersome, with room for measurement error - this was anything but the optimal customer and lead management solution. 

Replacing messy, unforgiving spreadsheets with CRM MAGIC...

With a CRM everything is done for you and the magic happens in the background. Let me explain...

When data is collected from the lead or customer through interactions on your website, it will automatically update the contact's record for you!

Lead management with a CRM

For the client mentioned above, a CRM would have saved time, effort and money. 

Just a quick look in their portal would reveal the landing pages resulting in the most purchases and those with least sales. Making it easy to optimise our marketing efforts. 

It would also:

  • enable our client to view sales figures for their sales team in one place
  • generate a customer history so they could serve their customers better
  • split their leads into segments for personalised marketing
  • enable simple email marketing workflows to move leads along their Buyer's Journey (increasing sales!)
  • help to integrate marketing & sales through a shared platform
  • let the sales team see what the individual leads are actually viewing and when!
  • and much, much more...

Swapping the horror for magic was obvious, right?

The switch would have improved sales rates significantly and kept them ahead of their competitors who were still using similar old-fashioned methods. Despite the benefits, the client didn't want to invest the time and money required to switch over to the new system.  

A forward-thinking Fire & Security business

That client missed a trick but one of our other fire & security systems installers was not such a small thinker. He embraced the management and reporting options of HubSpot.

Within one year, starting from scratch, his CRM has gone from £0 to £200,000 worth of local enquiries, illustrated the holes in his marketing funnel and how his sales process could be improved.

Ignoring the time saved by improved efficiency, that's three CRM wins impossible with messy spreadsheets. 

There's still work, just much less

Of course, you will have to do some work, data doesn't just appear out of nowhere.

While the website data collection is done through forms, submissions and tracking codes, when you call a prospect or customer you'll still need to take notes and input it onto the CRM. This enriches the information you store about your customers.

Thankfully, with the right CRM this information updates in real time and is simple to find and edit. 

It gives you an easily accessible database of your leads and customers, so you don't have to worry about updating tiresome spreadsheets or missing crucial information to close a deal.

The best bit? One of the most powerful CRMs on the market is FREE...

Savvy lead management with your free HubSpot CRM

There is a learning curve but the HubSpot CRM is intuitive and easy to pick up. Download our free guide to using the HubSpot CRM so you can chuck out the spreadsheets. Click below for organised, efficient and effective customer and lead management. With all the information you need at your fingertips, your sales team will never miss out on those sales opportunities again!

free CRM


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