How Fire and Security Companies Can Follow Up On Quotes At The Right Time


I shocked a prospective client last week. He had just realised how much money he had left lying on the table this year. All because his team were making proposals and quotes that never got acted upon.

How many quotes did you send out this year where they never replied… ?

£10k… £50k… £100k… worth?

What would happen for your business if you didn’t leave all that money on the table?


Have you noticed that, whilst they were happy to speak to you to arrange a site survey, modern buyers don’t want to be hassled about their decision to purchase until they have had a chance to weigh up their options?

Has it made you frustrated and angry when this deliberation can take several weeks as they shop around and compare quotes?

Are you worried that if you follow up on a quote you might lose the sale by appearing pushy?

You’re not alone, because that’s the view from many of the sales people that we speak to from fire and security companies.

Money left on the table… or in the hands of your competitors

Do you ever find yourself distracted by other responsibilities so that following up on proposals in a timely manner gets forgotten?

How many times have you woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat, remembering that you forgot to follow up with someone earlier that day?

Meanwhile, you know your competitor is cold calling your prospect and your prospect is saying: I had a quote but I never heard from them again – can you give me a quote?”

Do you want to stop leaving all this business for your competitors?  

How can you follow up at just the right time?

What if you had the ability to call your prospect when they were thinking about you and when they actually wanted to talk to you?

What if you had a tool that automatically told you that a prospect is looking at your quote or that a website visitor is ready to buy because they just visited your pricing page?

Look at the image below. It’s a notification that pops up in the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen. It tells me when someone has opened any of my emailed quotations.



It nudges me to give them a call. Now. Straightaway. Whilst they have that quote open. Right when they are considering their options. If I get them on the phone now, I can answer the questions that might be stopping them from saying ‘yes’.

It gives me a huge edge over a competitor.

What could it do for your Fire & Security sales?

The best way to get Fire and Security Sales

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