How Good Is The Part of Your Fire & Security Website That Does All of The Selling?


As part of my daily routine, I look at a lot of Fire & Security websites.

Many of them look very similar – stock images, we pride ourselves on our customer service, yawn, blah blah blah

But what I also notice is that there are lots of stripes

Some stripes have big text.

And some stripes have small text.

Why is the big print important on a Fire and Security website?

Sadly, a lot of the most important messaging is in the small text, not the big print.

Donald Miller of Business Made Simple reminds us that people don’t read websites, they scan them.

After the first scan of your Fire and Security website, your visitors will decide whether or not they want to read the small text.

For an active buyer – someone who is ready to speak to a Fire and Security expert – and those who are researching the best, local suppliers because they intend to buy, has your website’s most prominent copy and images:

  • piqued their interest?
  • got their attention?
  • screamed that you’re the Fire and Security expert whose going to give them back their peace of mind?


It’s time for the acid test…

Go take a look at YOUR Fire and Security website now.

If you ONLY read the big print, what messaging do you see?

I can wait…

Welcome Back!

Did your website’s most prominent wording tell visitors:

      What you’re selling
      How it will make your customer’s life better
      What does your visitor need to do to buy?

No? How does THAT make you FEEL?

Disappointed? Confused? Angry?

Any digital marketer worth their salt should KNOW that these are the three things that your Fire and Security website MUST communicate very clearly.

So the biggest headlines need to stand out. And be really specific:

We will solve your Fire & Security problems
Get solutions from a Fire & Security expert today
Book a free site survey here

Don’t hide your important text in the small print and kid yourself that you’re communicating clearly with your ideal customer!

If you don’t tell your visitors what you do and how they can get it, they’re not going to become leads or customers.

It really is that simple.

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