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How Lollipop Put A Manufacturing Website On The First Page Of Google

by Jo Shaer, on June 5, 2018

After some great successes getting businesses in the world of manufacturing onto the first page of Google, Lollipop were keen to do it all over again!

Transforming business growth by improving revenue is a huge passion for us. We genuinely care about your concerns and helping you achieve the success you deserve.

When you win, we win.

So we set out to find new customers where we could replicate our proven process.

first page of Google

We were invited by MAS (the Manufacturing Advisory Service) who are sadly now defunct, to be part of a presentation on growing your business in the 21st century. Naturally, our role was to show how good digital marketing could expand the reach of manufacturing businesses beyond traditional trade shows and magazines.

Our presentation was extremely well received and resulted in a new customer who sold pens that cleaned tile grout. No more did the woman of the house have to arm herself with a bucket of bleach and an old toothbrush for several hours, scrubbing at the mildew around the bath or shower!

It was a fantastic product but they were up against some big national competition and felt doomed to remain ranking on the second page of Google. When we investigated further, we discovered that the business owner had done all the website copy and promotion himself

Marketing that cleans up

We did our keyword research and, with some careful optimisation of the landing page on his ecommerce site, the client soon found himself on page one! Organic traffic doubled year on year generating sales without the
cost of Google advertising.

But how to stay there? Ranking on the first page of Google requires a consistent effort and the client didn't have the budget to pay us a monthly retainer.

After we analysed his current marketing spend, it became apparent that savings could be made - particularly on the paid advertising in his Google AdWords account.

Perry Marshall calls it the Google Stupidity Tax and most businesses are paying it if they have set up their own Google AdWords account. Google makes it sound so simple... but there is a bit more to it if you don't want to waste your hard earned cash.

Careful optimisation of the AdWords campaign meant that the quality of the paid traffic improved. More qualified visitors meant there were fewer wasted clicks, saving 60% of their previous budget - which was enough for a  monthly retainer to keep him on the front page of Google and help with the rest of his portfolio of products.

Organic traffic to the grout pen sales page has doubled, sales of grout pens are up 14% but spend on PPC is down by 60%. Great!

The importance of a marketing plan

We built and deployed a game plan and he's on Google's first page three years later.

But, be warned, taking your eye off the ball and not maintaining your organic activity can lead to a drop in rankings for products in competitive markets.

To get from point A - zero - to point B - superhero, you need a clear path. If you have a proven process for predictably attracting the people who desperately need your product to solve their problem, then you have a scalable environment for your business.

Are you ready to get onto the first page of Google?

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